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Monday, March 19, 2012

You Tube, Google, Facebook, oh my! (Or how I let the life get sucked from my day.)

It has come to my attention that I have entered the time suck zone of my computer activities. Ok, so it has been in my sphere of attention for awhile but recently, it has mushroomed into a big issue.

It's not so much gaming. I don't really do any of that from my computer anymore. No, I prefer to lay in the comfort of my bed and play mah jong and poker on the Roku. I tried to keep up with some of those Facebook games, but there really does reach a point where they become unmanageable without me getting a smartphone and playing every waking second of the day.

My biggest issue with Facebook these days is that everyone seems to have forgotten how email works combined with everyone wanting to conduct business in groups. I am in a number of groups that are more business than pleasure, but inherently the problem is even with my super fast reading ability it still takes forever to glean information. So much bs clogging everything these days, IMO. It doesn't matter what group it is there seems like there is always someone spamming the board with their nail wraps and diet miracles. And sadly, they won't quit doing because it's working. I only wish I had that kind of time. The kind of time to put out links in such a sheer volume that the numbers would have to work in my favor.

Do I succumb to the obnoxious stream of media campaigning and get on board with a smart phone or some other web-enabled technology? Or do I go the other way and just say to hell with it all and go "off grid" so to speak? Is being plugged in just an illusion of progress? I wish I could answer that but I have a whiny boy curled up next to the laptop who needs clothes stat!

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