If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~Bob Hope

Sunday, June 24, 2012

God's not here, man.

Yes. It's true sometimes my inner voice sounds a lot like Tommy Chong. I suppose a fair amount of the time, life is like that sketch too. God pounding on the door,"Hey man, it's me God. I got the stuff. Let me in." And I foolishly answer "God's not here, man."

Anyway, I have on occasion made comments to that affect. I know I made it about the ten o'clock service at the church I have been going to. I just can't do it. God is not there. I've tried. I hate it. The same goes for just places in general that I can't or won't go to. Bad feeling. Uneasy. The creeps. Heebie Jeebies. Cold. Dead. It's all the same. The same intuitive twinge, the feeling that there is no good in a person, place or situation.

Yesterday, I read this and meant to do something on it then, but had no time carved out for writing.
Screen print of JoyceMeyer.org

It was something that I needed to read.I love that line,"I thought this was God, but it's not so I am not going to do it anymore." I love it because I had those same feelings about a brief and dipterous job that I had earlier in the year. It felt odd to not have any other words to describe my discomfort than God is not here.

I do try to apologize when my spidey senses leads me to do things that other people are put off or out by. It does not seem like that happens much. Of course, I think that is because I am pretty blessed to have a pretty honest and reliable inner sanctum of people who don't do drama.

I mentioned that I had intended to write yesterday. I think the bigger plan wanted to sit down tonight.

I actually have a very, very difficult times in situations that have a lot of negative energy around them. Not just mentally, but physically. There was one of those on the agenda this evening. I really didn't much about it over the past several days. I just put it out of my mind. Then, as afternoon progressed, I found myself getting antsy. My little monkey mind conjuring up some pretty Springer-esqe possibilities. Dread. Ugh.Trying to enjoy the baseball game with family and my little mind was working overtime to create anxiety.

I thought,"Man, God is definitely not there." 

Then, I thought, maybe I should invite him. It sounds corny but that's what I did. I stole a couple of minutes between dinner and this evening engagement and got centered and fortified and took a big breath before heading out the door. And after two hours, I am happy to report that I lived. No folding chairs thrown. No vortex of ickiness sucking me in. It wasn't all rainbows and kitties. I gots a lots of work to do on myself with this situation. And I am thankful that tonight I was able to create a bit of needed space to see things more clearly.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My salacious sailor mouth...

So two things that give me trouble with my blogging is overcoming my propensity to swear as exclamation and punctuation and using words like propensity. The swearing part is easy to overcome, I can delete the expletives if they seem gratuitous, no biggie.

My vocabulary, on the other hand, is just about as changeable as my DNA. I don't really think that I use words that are unusual by my Honors English high school student and English degree holding husband will stop me and ask for clarification and/or definitions.

I blame my grandma and the Valley View School system.

My grandma gets a prize on both counts. As far as the swearing goes, I figure what I picked up from my dad, he picked up partially from her. The five-dollar words are the result of many years of a gift subscription to Reader's Digest and a voracious appetite for Word Power.

Flash forward to high school and the lovely yellow vocab books. Every week for four years, we poured through these books that I think must have been written to increase verbal scores on college exams. I always did well on those, and as point of geekness I always finished the book. Yep, I was that kid who finished the unfinished portion of the workbook for fun.

I would purposely try to use the words correctly in conversation.  It's a bit like rhyming, once you start you can't stop.

In a way, it's all just words. Who cares what I say as long as you understand the message I am trying to convey? But then we go and attach all sort of emotion and spectacle to these sound vibrations and you end up with fighting words.

Maybe I talk the way I do because I am from Ohio. Southwestern Ohio where there is no cool accent, not like in Cleveland or Toledo where the New York and Michigan influences an be heard. I suppose there is a fair amount of drawl, but my people aren't originally from this area.

In the grand scheme of things, if I had to unlearn anything it would be the vocabulary. A well-uttered F-bomb can convey more meanings than half the dictionary, and to be honest, no one acts like you've made up words. And I've noticed that pretty much everyone gets your point the first time. Aside from unlearning vocabulary, I wish I'd learned and used more slang. I wish I had loved grammar less, too. It certainly would make texting quicker. My brain doesn't function at the level I need it to all the time to be articulate and if it had never learned to be in the first place losing it would be such a BFD. 

I just thought of something else I would do if money were no object...

This has been a longtime, er, dream of mine. I would take every degree program available through one of those schools on TV. Even the high school diploma, even though I already have one. I don't know why, but I always thought that would be kind of fun.

It'd be kind of useful too. I could really use locksmithing for sure considering the obscene number of times I have locked myself out of my house or vehicle. Plus, there are some crazy new ones I have notice like a certificate in The Holistic Planet. That would look awesome on my Trader Joe's application for sure!

I never said my ideas were sound, just that I have a lot of them :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

If money were no object, what would you do?

That question in some form or another seems have popped up in my life lately. Partly good friends trying to help me focus, partly because of all that half a billion dollar lottery madness a few weeks back. I hate that question. I feel like Peter in Office Space when people ask me that. I never had an answer that's why I am blogging from my kitchen.

Being the smarty butt that I am though, I am grateful for that movie because I am not afraid to answer that question with "I'll tell you what I'd do, man: two chicks at the same time, man" I can't help it. It's funny and evasive. We, and by we, I mean my husband and I, used to watch that movie all the time it seems like. One of us would have a bad week and next thing you know it's Friday night and we're curled up together laughing at TPS reports and art imitating reality.

I guess when I really start to think about it, there are things other than nothing but they seem so I dunno. I don't have the background or knowledge to run a tourist attraction, specifically a working farm or campground. Actually, maybe both together. Some sort of retreat, yeah, I know crazy. Then there's what I can only really voice as be an oracle. Heck, I've already got the kitchen so I am half way there, right?

I am not really passionate about anything in particular. I think the last time I was super obsessive about something every inch of my wall was covered with Joey McIntyre and Donnie Wahlberg. I enjoy things but I don't really live or breathe anything. Some people think that's a problem. I am starting to see that it's listening to those people that's the problem.

Life's too short to be obsessive, you miss a lot when you obsess.

Like if suddenly, I had a million dollars...I'd pay off everything, sock some away for the kids' college, take a vacation or two, and see where life took me from there. I'd probably give quite a bit to a couple of places too. Oh, yeah, that's another thing that I would do if money were no object be some sort of venture capitalist/philanthropist. 

I don't know. Seems like if you look at things that sound cool to me I keep wanting to give it away which probably explains a lot about my ill spent youth too. Let's see, entertain, educate, inspire, advise, give away money. Wait a second! That sounds an awful lot like being a mom. So, maybe the real reason I have such a hard time with that question is that I am already doing it, so everything is superfluous.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why I keep setting an income goal of $37,500

I am prone to all sorts of weirdness and craziness and I guess, magical thinking. I wrote out income goals for this year. I have revised the methods but not the number. I have set a goal of $37,500.

It doesn't seem like much, but even adjusted for inflation, it's actually probably more than I have ever made in my life. I say probably because (accounting for inflation) I did have a job at one point that was paying me "mileage" to run meetings. I couldn't tell you the amount but I can tell you that it far exceeded the standard mileage rate at the time, especially considering that the distance being driven every month was negligible.

Anyway, I had read an article that a survey had been conducted and that 75,000 seemed to be the magical happiness number. I can't find the exact article but this one explains it a bit. I realize that some people would have seen that and set 75,000 as their goal.  Like I said, I can't find the original piece that I had read but I didn't take it that way. I took it as 75k total of which my half would be 37,500. God bless my magical thinking!

Like I said though, I don't think that I have ever made that much (accounting for inflation) in my life. Plus, half of 75k is 37.5k but my other half will exceed that easily. It's a point of fact, not a brag. So, when I hit my number, our number won't exactly be 75k.

I don't really want more than I can handle but I do want to be comfortable. I have never been someone who desires great wealth or the finer things or any sort of bragging rights to anything. I just want to be happy. I just want to live my life to the fullest and so that their actually are people that might be inclined to say nice things about me at my funeral.

I know that some of my stumbling blocks to success are geographic. I am working on it. But really, my whole life I never wanted a desk job...even when I had one. Sigh. I just want to go to bed every night without that worry. I think it is hard because for awhile it was there, and I dunno if I didn't express enough gratitude for being financially sound or what but it all got ripped away and there was nothing I could do about it. Well, except for get back on the market which has failed miserably.

So, yeah, I set my income goal to 37,500 because I want to be happy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Reluctantly crouched at the starting line, Engines pumping and thumping in time.

Going the Distance by Cake is in my head for some reason right now. Oh yeah, it's because I am wondering how things are all going pan out. Nothing about life is truly linear, I realize that, but I do sometimes wonder if I am spinning my wheels or if maybe point J is going to be crossed before point B or something like that.

I have spent the better part of the last two hours writing for Enpde. It's not really a non-paying gig since he makes the money to buy the food. When I sit down to write for him or myself or anyone else for that matter, it is that step out in faith that it's not all in vain. It's hard to ghostwrite. It's hard to have been given carte blanche. That's a lot of pressure really. I can do anything I want in the name of enpde. You have no idea how terrifying that is.

I had been thinking about some sort of Flag Day post for myself but it seems so irrelevant. I have a hard time writing for myself. I have noticed that I wax and wane between focused and unfocused.


Earlier tonight, I had a friendly "while your qualifications were good" email. I am so tired of those. It is completely unnecessary and a bit hard to believe. It was an administrative support position. To say my qualifications were good...well, that's like saying Marlon Brando is an okay actor. Not braggin' just sayin'. It 'twas part time and would have been interesting. Haters. Talk to the hand.

So, either I am completely delusional about my work skills and abilities or the universe is...no has been consistently telling me something for the past three years. Ugh, but it's not like explicitly telling me exactly what my calling is...only whispering that a cooped up office is no place for a pretty girl like me and teasing me with opportunities.

Darn those opportunities! Right now, it's just this blog and my work with Enpde. Oh and a hundred million other direct sales offers. Shrug. I dunno. I don't think I have a good personality for any sort of sales. Actually, when I was in college, there was a marketing class that was mandatory, I forget what it was called, but we had to do fundraising as a way to learn sales and cold calling and what not. Half way through the quarter, my partner declared that if I had to work sales I would starve if I wasn't selling something I could 110% get behind. It's true, really, we were fundraising for a children's charity and I just couldn't do it. I know cold-hearted, right? Not really, just not in a good place at the time to care about dying kids when I had a perfectly healthy one who I was struggling to provide for.

I know so many smart people who seem to be struggling. This isn't anything like the brochure. Hard work used to equal reward, now I don't know. I tried for awhile to be a mom to myself and chant "hardwork is it's own reward" but as I mentioned, I'm not very good in sales so I wasn't buying it.

I honestly need like bright neon signs and a burning bush to point me in the right direction. I feel drifty and I do really stupid shit when I feel drifty. 

Father's Day Gift ideas?

It realized this morning that Father's Day is this weekend. D'oh! I haven't a clue what to buy or do for my husband.

Last year, we were in Chicago over Father's Day weekend. Driving back to our hotel from Downtown, we ended up stopping at this record shop that had caught our eye the night before. He actually didn't go in with my daughter and me because our son was asleep. So last year for Father's Day, we gave him a Bad Boy Bill CD.

I don't know if we can count on that sort of divine providence this year.

I have a list of I'd like to's which all pretty much revolve around relaxing. Cash and coordinating the whole thing are getting in the way.

Then there's that midi guitar...but I can't seem to get any good offers on the kids to buy that one for him.

They took me to dinner for mother's day. Maybe we'll do the same, as I wrote that last sentence I got an idea so may be all hope is not gone.

Wordless Wednesday:Poolside Retreat

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Recycled Garbage

Listening to my five-stars has brought to a nice Garbage set. I'd totally start a Garbage cover band... if I could sing. I don't know maybe I can. I certainly can belt out "When I Grow Up" in the comfort of my car when no one is around.

My salesman husband would ask what's holding me back, and then proceed to tell me that it's really like the third or fourth thing that's the issue. So, what's holding me back...

Is I don't know an answer? I mean, sure, yeah, it's an answer but is it valid? I have a voice. I have a mic. I have a musician. I have access to all manner of mixing and processing and could even make some videos. I am not even talking about playing out, more like glorified karaoke. I don't have a cool name, a stage name, or at least a diffuse the public recognition name.

I used to sing all the time when I was younger. I loved choir but had to quit and never got back into it because I somewhere lost confidence. I spent a lot of time in high school perched on a stool in front of my mirror doing sets of jazz standards, sets of ballads, sets of whatever was on the radio. That's all I do anymore is the radio. Sure, I did spend a little bit of time with a fledgling gospel choir last year but it did nothing to help my confidence. 'Twas the "soup nazi" of music and I was full of nerves when I went for a solo. I'd practiced all week, and when it came up I came in late and she moved on.

I'd like to say that some have called me the song bird of my generation, and that unicorns would appear but I am not so sure. Sigh, and really, I need to sing at least one track for my husband because that was the premise of our meeting up in the first place, and after six years, I've run out of ways to distract him and I don't have the rhythm to learn drums.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Manic (Panic) Monday

The title is sort of misleading. There was no hair dying in this 
house today. The bowl is leftover from the other
day when my daughter went Electric Tiger Lily.

I always wanted this dark midnight blue color. I am not sure if
they even make it anymore. I never had the nerve to actually do it though. 

I'd still consider it. It's not like the job market objection is panning out for me.

It's just a thought. 

But then my next thought is that people would probably think of Mrs. Slocum. 
I'm glad my daughter has the confidence to do things like that.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday House Party

Staying in tonight, but it doesn't sound like it. Last weekend, my other half traded his bass for a mixing board. Tonight he is playing with his toys. I wish I wasn't so comfortable or I would snap a pic of this set up.

We are both on the couch. Me with laptop on lap, where else would you put it? He's next to me with his Traktor controller thingy on his lap. The Traktor isn't what he traded for he already had that. Anyway, he's got his headphones on one ear and his laptop in front of him, everything is running through a whole sound set up that you wouldn't normally find in a living room, and he is complete unreachable despite being two feet away from me.

I like nights in. I like 'em better when they move to the living room because it's more comfortable.

He's been DJing his own stuff for the last hour. It's fun to watch. Kinda wish I had a drink and maybe snack, maybe I'll go stand in the kitchen and hope the refrigerator notices me so I can get service. No adult beverages tho, unless I peel myself up and drive the four blocks to the gas station. It's not really worth it. I don't think I could bring myself to put shoes on.

If you want a little peek of what I hear...all the time...so much sometimes that it's all I can hear in my head...you can stop over the Endpe page. Music, videos, and stuff. You can even follow him on facebook, twitter, G+ from there. Most all of his stuff is instrumental, not all but off hand I couldn't tell you which ones to have some voice on them.

I am trying to help him grow his base. The Reverb metrics track song plays, video plays and fans. Not gonna lie, I think it would be cool if I could get him to #1 on the local electronic charts by his birthday. That's only two weeks away. I got some work to do!

The parable of the clearance underpants...

Okay, maybe it's just a story and not so big and important as a parable but at any rate here it goes.

Since my daughter started  driving, I find myself at Target a lot. She likes to drive to the one in Sugarcreek Twp because there are like a hundred million ways from our house to there that offer different driving experiences.

The other day whilst in said Target, we happened to stroll through the intimates  department annd I spotted something  but to go into detail would be a complete embarrassment to my sixteen year old. On that same clearance rack, I also spotted underwear.

I am apt to say that the last time I bought new undies, I was pregnant with my son because I forget (or is it block out) the cheapo pack of undies that I thought were a good deal. Seriously, like most of the cheapos were unwearable within two weeks because of bad construction. Too bad too, 'cuz they were cute as all get out.

So anyway, I ended up picking up this ten-pack of underwear from Target for...I almost feel like I need a drum roll...$4.81 because it was a "repackage" by virtue of a piece of scotch tape. I love a good find, especially if it's something useful and not one of the those "deals" that you find yourself questioning a week later because there is no functional use for it...even if it was only 99 cents.

Later that night, I was sharing the Target adventure with my hunny and when I reached the point where I could brag about my underwear purchase I grab them to show him. Really, ten pair for $4.81 is pretty good but then the words hit me and stunned me into that deer in headlights look.


How did I fail to notice that they were briefs? Granny panties? Seriously? I can not give you an accurate date as to when the last time I had worn briefs was. It may not seem like a big deal but I was seriously having some issues with the purchase at that point. That's a lot of coverage. Probably more coverage than I had seen since middle school. I should return them. Hmmm, but they were less than fifty cents a pair, so maybe I could learn to love them.

Two pair into the pack, I think it may have been a divine intervention. Full coverage means the waistband doesn't rub against my C-Section scar. And when I bend over in certain pants, no crack. Instead of falling just below an area that needs some work, they cover it. And what better, certain tanks that I have also cover for a clean, non-frumpy look.

I'm not saying I want to start a granny panty revolution, but I gotta admit I feel better in these britches than I have in years. Maybe it's because I am not too big for them, ha!

And being as I am married it has nothing to do with my husband's reaction, because I know that I could show up in some old school bloomers and floor-length skirt and God love him he'd still want to get it on with me.

I am grateful I found good cheap underwear. I keep thinking of a friend who is always telling me that you get what you need just when you need it. I needed a change, who knew it was in my underwear. Wait! That sounds a bit wrong, but you get the picture. Just because the situation isn't what you want or what you are used to doesn't mean it's wrong. It could be exactly what you have been looking for if you give it a chance.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baked and Burned:The Continuing Saga of Do You Bake

So, after a month of trying to track down some commissions owed, I called it quits with Do You Bake the other day. I sent an email to four people: owner, old gal Friday, new gal Friday, and "founding" consultant and have received zero response. And yes, I did check my spam folder.

My immediate sponsor called it quits this week too. Her sponsor has been out for about a month but is still owed money. I have one downline sponsee who has reported that they are also owed money. Tonight, I saw that someone I believe to be heavily invested in the company called it quits.

When I was in college, I was privileged to take a class that was three quarters of solid analyst and investing. We spent the whole first quarter learning how to research companies and what to look for in a solid investment. In the second quarter, we invested. In the third, we we wrapped it up and packaged it for presentation. For this reason, when I look at any company, I look at the news and I look at what the "primaries" are doing. I don't try to do this anymore, it just happens because I had a damn good professor who made the stock market easy and fun for even the least technically inclined finance student (that would be me: I always got good grades but mathematics is not my strong suit.)

Try to find any news on Do You Bake that isn't generated by a consultant. I looked last night. I never thought about it before because most of those news articles are boring press releases about something that is supposed to be exciting. Just to be sure, I researched a couple of some what obscure direct sales companies to see what I could find and I could at least find where some where they were excited to announce their existence. You're not going to find loads and loads unless you are looking up one of the heavy hitters, but you should be able to find something...even if it is locally in my opinion.

That being said, my comment about the consultant that I considered to be heavily invested, she's gone. What does that say? It says to me that there is definitely something amiss. Smart people walk away from investments when they realize there is no possibility of recouping them. I was surprised to see her post that she was leaving.

There has been in my personal experience, a complete lack of communication. From anecdotal sources, I find that I am not alone in that experience. I understand busy and I understand start-up but I also understand customer service and it has been my experience that the short falls, like the ones we consultants have experienced, are indicative of less than above-board business practices.

I am not posting about this because I am obsessed or vengeful or some other crazy emotion I am posting this because I know that not everyone involved in direct sales has the education, self-esteem, and knowledge that I have. Direct sales makes a promise of a dream that could come true, actual results will vary. I know in my heart of hearts that there are women out there that got involved with Do You Bake that have experienced the same shoddy experience that I have had who are blaming themselves for a perceived failure, who are afraid to walk away because they have put so much time and money into it, who keep thinking that someday those Rio Rancho leads are gonna pay off.

Ladies, do you realize that allegedly the Do You Bake website and system were compromised over the weekend to the extent that the perpetrator was able to heavily discount the products? Did you ask yourself about the personal information...your personal information...your customer's stored information...what about that? When was the last time you ever heard of hackers being merry pranksters and only deeply discounting a companies products? Yeah, me either.

What about that address? 2669 Shillington Rd, Reading, PA 19608 is what appears on all the invoices. The first time I Googled it, I gave it a bye. Upon further examination, though, I do question the UPS store mailing address, not so much because I think it's shady but because I also did a Whois search. The address and number that the DYB website are registered under also pull hits for known and convicted scammers.

That leads me to just one other thought, have you ever noticed there is a veil of secrecy to the whole company? I have been with other companies. I lunched with the creator of one of those companies. I've never seen a direct sales company where someone wasn't putting their name and face to it. I have never seen a picture of the people who created Do You Bake, ostensibly over jasmine tea and sushi. No press releases, no blurb and headshot in the catalog, no candid shot as a profile picture, nothing.

I know some people are out there thinking that there is nothing to be done. Sure, Do You Bake is not a Direct Sales Association member, but it doesn't mean that you can put them on the DSA radar as a company not to endorse. Also, depending on what your specific experience has been you may have cause to file with the Better Business Bureau and/or your state's Attorney General office. And, of course, depending on your level of braveness, there is the internet. If everyone who has been burned by Do You Bake, took a little time to post, tweet, flag or otherwise share their negative experience you will save someone else from the headache that you have experienced.

Why am I so sure there are others? The end of December through January 3, I think, Do You Bake offered a free consultant sign up. Then again, a few weeks later they offered a one day sign up on their "birthday". Off hand, I remember that the difference between my # and one of my downline was at least 700. So, in a very short time this company grew explosively. I am sure that a number of people who signed up never became active because many of my team let their 50% off expire because of the sheer number of shipping issues that were being reported. I am not sure the total number of total consultants in the US and Canada, nor would I be remotely able to whip up the mathematical formulas that could correlate my team's experience to the company at large.

I guess what I am saying is that if you have been burned by Do You Bake (or any other company for that matter) do not sit in silence blaming yourself. There are always options. Not only does your silence keep you in pain, it hurts other people too.

Summer Festival Season is upon us!

Ascension Festival 2011 Kettering, Ohio

You would think that I was still eight years old the way I am anticipating the weekend right now. St. Helen's Parish Festival starts this Friday at 6pm. For me, St. Helen's marks the beginning of Summer. It has been a family tradition to attend since the dawn of time, I think. It's not unusual to run into family and people who might as well be at St. Helen's.

Some years, I stand patiently in line before 6 to get first crack at the flea market. I don't think I'll be doing that this year just because I don't think the other half will home in time. There are games, rides, food, books, bingo and beer. Seems like some years, we are in and out and on our way and other years we linger. I think it all depends on the weather and mood.If you let it, it can be a good cheap night out with the family.

I call it the start of Summer because June 22-24 is the Ascension Festival in Kettering as well as Fenwick Festival in Middletown. Then there's the whole Independence Day holiday, and then Immaculate Conception the first weekend in August (usually). There's others, I know, but I am not as entwined with them as these festivals. We usually hit Delco on the 4th for fireworks, but I don't think we hit many July festivals. At least none with the frequency and anticipation of the ones I've mentioned. I know Summer is closing down when AlterFest and Holiday at Home happen.

The calendar may say that Summer doesn't start until June 20 but I have a cup of change that says it starts Friday.

Wordless Wednesday: Cool Summer

Narnia 2006

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A moment of silence for my sadness, but not a second more

Tonight, I have been tying up loose ends with my direct sales businesses. It is interesting how you can go from all to nothing so quickly.

I am feeling a bit sad because I truly loved Clever Container and my Clever gals and genuinely thought that I would go far with the company. A year ago I was anxiously anticipating a trip to Chicago for the first ever convention. If you had told me then that I would be writing this now, I would have told you that you were completely crazy. I rolled off the ranks of Clever Container for lack of personal volume, something I could have done something about really but I thought my energy was best suited elsewhere.

I joined/added another company, Do You Bake, at the end of December. On a personality basis, baking and cooking is much better suited to me than organizing. Honestly, I had intended to incorporate the two of them into some sort of beautiful and compliant with both companies relationship. I guess, though, that was not in the mix. I resigned my affiliation with Do You Bake earlier this evening. Unfortunately, there are a number of issue that make it impossible for me as who I am to actively continue with that company.

It's kinda like when you leave a boyfriend for a guy you perceive as somewhat cooler only to discover that the new guy is a complete tool and you have no chemistry. I've been happily married almost five years so I am totally unprepared for that feeling.


The good news is that I have my husband and his music. I have realized over the past couple of days that for all the time I have spent not making any money in direct sales, I could have not been making money for him. You say codependent, I say symbiotic. I have made three videos for him in the last week. Actually, four but the last one is still in process. I didn't do it because he asked me to, I did it because I wanted to and I enjoyed it. Now to drive traffic to http://www.reverbnation.com/enpde !  It's kinda one of those things where I want to advocate liking and hiding but not so much because those of you who really know me know that I am completely discerning about men who claim to be musicians and that I could never date...let alone marry some who completely sucked. His music is "electronic" and most of it is strictly instrumental. There are three free downloads available and actually if I can get enough interest I could run a giveaway of CDs because we have a few left over from when enpde was a band and not a solitary bastion of awesomeness.

So we'll never be organized nor will we schlepp baked goods mixes but we'll have each other and a combining of talents. Hmmm, seems fair, not let's see what happens.

In all seriousness, though, I meant what I said about feeling sad about Clever. I feel like I let a lot of people down and I am not sure how to make amends for that.

Until next time...

And the winner is...May Daze Giveaway

Julie C is the winner and should check her email!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cup o' Joe Keurig Giveaway!

Who doesn't need coffee or tea or some other delicious hot beverage?

I am gonna admit when Keurig first hit the market, I though who the heck would want that?! Now, I think, when will we be able to get one. It would certainly be cheaper when my other half decides he wants a late afternoon coffee.

So here we go a Keurig giveaway thanks to Freebies 4 Real for making this possible!!!  And good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, June 2, 2012

OMG I am sooo sorry I am such a ditz sometimes

Okay, so for those of you anxiously awaiting the results of the May Daze Giveaway...I am sorry I haven't drawn it. It just occurred to me that is ended two days ago. I am so not operating on any normal time frame lately. I will draw it and announce it tomorrow. Why wait? Because it's late on Saturday and I am tired and just cracked open a bottle of American Winery Rose that I got from Jungle Jim's for $1.99 which in my opinion is undervalued. This is a quite well crafted and delicious little number which by the way is subject to a 20% case discount. Just sayin'.

So tonight we chill, tomorrow we announce the winner. Please contain yourself. ;)