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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday House Party

Staying in tonight, but it doesn't sound like it. Last weekend, my other half traded his bass for a mixing board. Tonight he is playing with his toys. I wish I wasn't so comfortable or I would snap a pic of this set up.

We are both on the couch. Me with laptop on lap, where else would you put it? He's next to me with his Traktor controller thingy on his lap. The Traktor isn't what he traded for he already had that. Anyway, he's got his headphones on one ear and his laptop in front of him, everything is running through a whole sound set up that you wouldn't normally find in a living room, and he is complete unreachable despite being two feet away from me.

I like nights in. I like 'em better when they move to the living room because it's more comfortable.

He's been DJing his own stuff for the last hour. It's fun to watch. Kinda wish I had a drink and maybe snack, maybe I'll go stand in the kitchen and hope the refrigerator notices me so I can get service. No adult beverages tho, unless I peel myself up and drive the four blocks to the gas station. It's not really worth it. I don't think I could bring myself to put shoes on.

If you want a little peek of what I hear...all the time...so much sometimes that it's all I can hear in my head...you can stop over the Endpe page. Music, videos, and stuff. You can even follow him on facebook, twitter, G+ from there. Most all of his stuff is instrumental, not all but off hand I couldn't tell you which ones to have some voice on them.

I am trying to help him grow his base. The Reverb metrics track song plays, video plays and fans. Not gonna lie, I think it would be cool if I could get him to #1 on the local electronic charts by his birthday. That's only two weeks away. I got some work to do!

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