If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~Bob Hope

Friday, December 31, 2010

...don't call it a come back...

I never intended to go so long between post, like I said my hubby had been hogging up the computer with a project. Can't complain really since it is really working out for him. Plus, I must have been a good girl this year because Santa brought me a laptop for Christmas.

I have to admit. I really was disheartened in my last post. Most of the Christmas season, I just didn't feel the Spirit. It really bothered me too. I love Christmas. I love the energy. I love just about everything about it. It seemed like the harder I tried to find the Spirit, the more it eluded me. Isn't that always the case?

In my hiatus, I did realize that I need to be more true to myself in things. I have been trying to make this a place of general appeal, and it really hasn't been working for me. Don't get me wrong, I have had some interest in everything that I have posted, I just don't feel like I have been 100% myself in my post. I would rather have an authentic voice that no one hears than to sing a number one hit that I could care less about.

I have a lot of interest lately that I would really like to share. More and more, I am seeing this "giving" idea much more broadly. I am hoping to get myself and everything else a little more organized so that I can give a little bit more of myself to everyone else. It may not be much but it is the best that I have.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, the last day of 2010. No big plans yet. I want to go to the NYE service at church and my other half wants to go to a rave in Cincy. I am thankful that we believe in a benevolent God that will let us do both...if that is in fact what we are supposed to do. Looking forward to the year ahead finally in a place where I feel like it "get it" and that nothing can really faze me.

I hope all of you have a safe and sensational night tomorrow night, and I leave you with "The Toast (Here's to Life)" by Richard Mekdeci. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Maybe kindness isn't the key

My apologies for being so long between post, my husband has been barricading himself in the computer room for the last several weeks with a new project. Always seems like when I can get in here and do something I just don't have the energy or plain don't care.

I am starting to wonder if being a "better" person is really worth investing the time. That's really all I've got tonight. Oh sure, I could outline the sum total of my disillusionment but it would much like screaming into a void. Plus, for some reason tonight, Blogger is not cooperating with me very nicely, so....

Shrug, IDK.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Feed it Forward!

Thanksgiving...what a perfect day to talk about food!

This morning my hubby received a restaurant.com certificate. Totally unexpected and much appreciated... I decided to look at their site because I didn't really know much about them and I came across something that they are doing from now until December 31st.

Every day from now until then, you can send up to 40 friends and family a $10 certificate. Every day you can send 40 people a little something nice and it doesn't cost you a dime! It's really simple too! 

Go to the website:

Create an account and start sending! You can import Gmail and Yahoo address books and even send to Facebook friends that you might not have an email addy for.

So, if you know me and I have an email or Facebook for you, I will probably be sending you one. 

'Til We Meet Again,

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves, their family and friends today. 

Please Enjoy this movie and have a Blessed day!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Do what you CAN

Tis the season for food collection. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Mostly because we have a barrel at church and manage to fill it up every two months. Not bad for being such a small congregation!What's more impressive is that two weeks ago it was empty and the decision was made to see if we could send another barrel to the pantry before Thanksgiving, and it's looking like it will be filled on Sunday.

It's such an easy thing to do...donate food. Seriously, how hard is it to spot some one a can of veggies or a box of stuffing? This is the time of year where you can't turn around without finding a barrel or a donation bucket. Short of having someone come to your house and pick it up, it couldn't get much easier. Of course, if you desire pickup call your local boy scouts and find out the dates for Scouting for Food or wait until the Post Office Stamp Out Hunger drive. The point really is that there isn't any reason any of us can't participate in keeping the local food pantry stocked.

Don't know what to give? Well, lucky for you I found a couple of ideas. Toiletries are an oft overlooked item, so shampoo, toothpaste, soap are an option. A long time ago, a church I attended participated in the Feeding 5000 drive, and the suggested items for each box were:
Food items to put into each Project 5000 Box:

1. 2 cans of meat (2 different varieties – 12–24 oz. each)

2. 2 cans of vegetables-not green beans or peas, please (14.5 oz. each)

3. 2 cans of fruit (15 oz. each)

4. 1 can of pasta (15 oz.) (e.g., ravioli)

5. 2 boxes of macaroni and cheese (7.25 oz.)

6. 1 can of spaghetti sauce (26.5oz)

7. 2 cans of pork & beans or baked beans (16 oz. each)

8. 1 box of hot cereal (18 oz.)

9. 1 package of powdered milk (9.6 oz.)

10. 2 package of muffin/biscuit mix (8 oz.)

11. 2 cans of condensed soup or 1 can of non condensed soup.

12. 1 plastic jar of peanut butter (18 oz.)

13. 1 plastic jar of jelly (32 oz.)
Or another take on it can be found here from Kettering Fairmont HS. The list is set up the way it is because it's a class competition and each advisory get points based on how many list the fill. I think also that those are the component items used in the backpack program, so that's the other reason for their madness. The Feeding 5000 list or the Bronze list come out to about $20.00. It's really not that much, especially if you were to set the intention to provide that much on a monthly basis. I bet you could cover the cost with the money you find cleaning out your couch and car....just sayin'.

Til We Meet Again,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

This keeps popping up on Facebook, so since it is important to my friends and family it wins as today's subject. 

Operation Christmas Child is a collection effort by Samaritian's Purse International Relief in which you pack a shoebox full of gifts for a child's Christmas joy. November 15-22, 2010 is the National Collection week and you can search on the OCC site for a drop off location.

There are detailed instructions on how to pack the shoebox. Along with printable labels to designate if your gift is for a boy or girl, and a list of suggestions on what to put in the box. Shipping boxes to 130 countries around the world is expensive, so they also ask that you donate $7 in addition to each box that you donate.

If prayer is more your thing, they also have a Call to Prayer  in which you can commit to praying over the operation during collection week.

More information about Operataion Christmas Child can be found on their website.

Monday, November 1, 2010

...kind of a drag...

It's really disheartening lately. I keep trying to keep on keeping on but it's so hard. I haven't been in the mood to do the research for this blog, so I haven't posted much of anything. Let alone anything useful!

This morning on Facebook, I posted the following Mitch Hedberg quote:
You know, I'm sick of following my dreams, man. I'm just going to ask where they're going and hook up with 'em later.

I try not to let this feeling get the best of me, but I don't know at what point in "giving it up to God" am I supposed to accept that there is nothing out there for me? I had an interview this morning for a job I could do in my sleep, and I don't feel like it went well. Same old thing, it's not rocket science, yet everyone wants to treat it that way. Shrug, whatever. Then just a few minutes ago, I get a call about an "opportunity" that I couldn't pull the information out of the woman about. Hang up and Google what I did get, and yep, same type of not very above-board "opportunity" that I have been getting called about every time I put out a resume in the last ten years.

There is next to nothing posted on any of the job sites. I am certainly not a moron, but unfortunately sometimes I am not much of a sheep either. That is the hardest part of job hunting. I am what I am and it never seems to fit anyone criteria for an employee.

It is so completely demoralizing. You to be honest, at this point, it's just about getting the cash to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. A real open answer to where I see myself in 2-5 years, really depends on whether or not I am getting the job.

I've been patient. I've been receptive. I've been willing. I've tried. I've failed. I'm sick of trying. Modern HR methods are complete boondoggery. I am right here. I am right now. I am ready. I am willing. I am able. Who cares what I did yesterday? Who knows what I will do tomorrow?

People keep trying to somehow console me by telling me that I am smart. Smart never got anyone anywhere. No one wants a thinker like me in their ranks. People take my simple observations as mortal challenges. People hear my ideas as war calls. No one wants someone who has a continual improvement mind-set. If they did, I would be wasting company time typing this right now.

Depressing. I feel like I've wasted most of my life, becoming this unemployable being.  Yet, I don't even have any skills or any hobbies that I can turn into a some what steady income stream.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Learn to give in order to receive

This morning's service was interestingly enough about spiritual gifts. One point of that was that you must learn to give in order to receive. I got a chuckle too when 29gifts.org was mentioned. I knew this topic was coming, our weekly newsletter always gives a blurb about what's coming up. When I read it, I really didn't realize how the message was going to hit me.

See, just prior to the lesson we welcomed new members. Or more correctly, the congregation welcomed myself, my hubby and about ten other people as new members. It was great. I can only speak for myself but I can't remember the last time I felt that much love and kindness thrown my way.

I don't think I really thought about giving and receiving being a yin/yang sort of thing. I think if I had to rewrite what has been written on the subject, I would say that it is better to give BECAUSE you recieve. This giving though has to be genuine, it has to come from your own spiritual gifts. It's really more complicated than I have time or intent to do devote to it.

I am posting a video of the song"I Give Myself Permission". This was the offertory today, and this version doesn't do it justice. Then, I may just be slightly spoiled because God has always surrounded me with great musicians and singers. Between this song and the spiritual gifts lesson, I feel more focused about a few things. Mostly little things but hey, ya gotta start somewhere right!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Food, Glorious Food!

Getting back on track with my original intentions, I want to talk about Angel Food Ministries today.

I have known about Angel Food for quite a number of years now. I don't remember where I heard about it but it is a pretty cool thing. Really, it's one of those win-win sort of options but I am getting ahead of myself.

Angel Food provides a bit of grocery relief in the form of inexpensive food packs that you can order from any participating host (usually a church). The October Menu offers several different packages starting at $21. In addition, there are specials that you can add on to your order. The packages have something for everyone, except vegetarians (which is my only disappointment since I have a veggie in the house.) The specials seem to usually be steak, seafood, fresh fruit and veggie boxes and seasonal items. By way of example, in this house we average about $150/week at grocery. The $150 doesn't include the couple of times we had been eating out or those little trips to the store. From the Angel Food selections, I would order a $41 "Bountiful Blessings" Box and a $23 Fruit and Veggie Box for a grand total of $64.

That $64 would buy this family:
That is easily a weeks worth of meals at less than half of what I would be spending at Kroger. As I mentioned, I have a vegetarian daughter, so I would still have to do some additional buying to round her out. Also, I have a husband who is on a fairly strict regimen, so would have to purchase a few things for him. Those extra purchases would still save us a buttload of money if we did this just once a month.

You can order online at Angel Food Ministries or by contacting the host site directly.  Orders can be made by anyone, there's no special guidelines or restrictions. Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card and food stamps, you just have to check with the host site to follow the proper procedure.

The win-win side of this is that the host location receives $1.00 for every box distributed.

Angel Food also has a referral rewards program.It is only good through the online ordering system, and requires that you send an email to friends. If ten friends order then you get a free box. I suppose if you wanted to use me as a referral you could send me a message and I'll share my super secret email address with you LOL.

A gal I used to work with tried Angel Food a few times. She really liked it, but her old man was one of those really weird picky people so I was the lucky recipient of some free food. I thought it was good, and R&J certainly didn't turn their nose up at it when I fixed it.

Until we meet again...
4 lb. IQF Chicken Drums & Thighs Combo

2 lb. Chicken Stir Fry Skillet Meal

1.5 lb. Hamburger Patties (4 x 6 oz.)

1.75 lb.Fully-Cooked Breaded Party Wings

1 lb. NY Beef Wieners

20 oz.Steak Fajitas

1 lb. Battered Fish Bites

1 lb. Lean Ground Beef

2 lb. Fully Cooked Lasagna Dinner Entrée

7 oz. Beef Link Sausage

1 lb. Fajita Blend Veggies

1 lb. Green Beans

1 lb. Peas & Carrots

1 lb. Corn

20 oz.Shoe String Fries

1 lb. 16 Bean Soup Mix

1 lb. Rice

7.25 oz. Mac & Cheese

7.5 oz.Corn Muffin Mix

2 lb. Fresh Apples

8 oz. Breakfast Cereal

32 oz.2% Shelf-Stable Milk

Dozen Eggs


3 lb. Red Potatoes

3 lb. Sweet Potatoes

2 lb. Yellow Onions

3 lb. Tangerines

1 lb. Cello Carrots

1 Head Green Cabbage

1 Head Cello Lettuce

1 Golden Ripe Pineapple

1 6-Pack Apple Sauce Cups

2 Green Peppers

4 Navel Oranges

4 Pears

1 AFM Fruit and Veggie Recipe Sheet

Monday, October 11, 2010

What's on my mind...

My first Birthday Gift from Ryab 2006

Double sigh...

Profound, isn't it?

I am sure that over the past couple of days there are people who have deemed my husband and I completely crazy. He lost his job on Friday. It seems that no reaction since then has been quite what people would expect. I know that my reaction wasn't what he expected. I am pretty sure that it is with God that all things are possible, so why should we even care about the ex-employer, because despite their delusions of grandeur, they ain't God. (Sorry, girl coming out of Germantown there.)

I am not worried or concerned or the slightest bit inclined to panic. Like I said the other day, it's a huge testament to all of the spiritual finetuning I have been up to lately. You know what is getting me? Despite all of this centering or whatever, I am alone. Always alone. I don't want sympathy, it would just be nice to have someone other than my husband to communicate with.

It has been a long time since I have had the kind of friends that you can call at three in the morning. I am some what envious that my husband has had other people to talk to over the past couple of days. I don't seems like everyone has always looked at me as strong. Yeah, heh, I feel a song coming on...

What does this have to do with kindness?

Maybe that I just need a little and it makes me feel really horrible that I have to ask for it.

Until we meet again...

Friday, October 8, 2010

This is dedicated to the one I love

Kindness. It is what I try to focus on in this blog. To be honest, while I was at the park with my son this afternoon I had a whole blog skeleton in my head. Then God, being God, had different ideas.

So, apparently come Monday morning my hubby isn't going to have to go to a job that he didn't really care all that much. In a huge shout out to all the work I have been doing on myself, I did not and have no intention of flipping out.

All I can really say was already said...

I love you babe!

Until we meet again...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

...Do Math:Count Blessings...

I saw that earlier today, and it makes a nice title so there it is.

I saw those words after I had been to Dollar Tree to pick up a few things for the house. Since I was on my way to church to be an office angel, I decided to stop by the DT near there. What a blessing that turned out to be! Not because everything is a dollar, but because it turned out to be a less exciting DT than my normal one and so I walked out of there having spent less than $10. Bonus: A coupon for later for 10%.

I never really in all my life thought about coupons as blessings until I had read this article over the summer in a booklet about abundance. I apologize I can't think of the author, article title or booklet title at the moment, but she wrote that when she started to look at things differently she was able to see her blessings more clearly. What she meant by differently was basically instead of expecting that blessings had to be these great miracles with fireworks and ticker tape that small things like a coupon for what you need when you need it are also blessings to be counted. If I remember correctly, she started a gratitude journal where she kept track of blessings that she normally would have overlooked or not really have thought of as being divine gifts.

Our human selves are pretty jacked up and jaded by my observation and experience. We have been culled into this mind-set where it has to be instant and mega and if it is good it was all our doing and if it was bad then it was all God. It is pretty easy to see where people might have lost the ability to see good, to see blessings, to see truth.

Since I read that article and have been more conscious and actually gracious of these seemingly small things. I don't ever remember a random stranger handing me 20% off coupons prior to my awareness, nor did BW3 ever just "take care" of things because they thought they were too slow. We aren't lucky, we are blessed. There is a huge, HUGE difference in those things and I would have like to have had that knowledge sooner.

Until we meet again, keep on the sunny side :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

...Free Association...

...it's a sort of odd thing about me. Some days, most days who am I kidding, my mind works on this whole rapid-fire brainstorm mode. I can't help it. It's pretty much how I was brought up in school...to think to damn much about everything. Maybe one day I'll start an organization of recovering "gifted" children but until then enjoy my madness.

The other day, my husband and I were at a particular health food store we like. There was some drink called something essence. I laughed that essence always makes me think of Dr. Strangelove. This morning because I am lacking any real topic, I looked up the definition of kind on Merriam-Webster. Lo and behold, third definition..."fundamental nature or quality:essence", so yeah my head shot over to this scene.

An underlying theme of books I have picked up over the past year is the idea that we all have a true nature...an essence...and that happiness comes when the essence and the physical self are in alignment so to speak.  Denying your true self to yourself or others only serves to separate you from yourself and the joy of living. The separation is what causes us all to act less than kind, to suffer through all sorts of physical discomfort because we let external circumstances keep us from ourselves.

"Heart of hearts" is what my husband called it last night. I am envious of people who know what is in their heart of hearts, for I don't. There are plenty of things that people think I am good at or destined to do, but I most of those things are not me. They are not the core of me. Not knowing makes it hard for me to read one of my books, because the whole book is about consciously creating your joy. Luckily, the book suggest that if I concentrate on wanting to know what I want in the same manner I might concentrate of some other want that the answer will come to me.

I will have to let y'all know how that works for me. I suppose if you find me going on some jag about Vitamin Water being an extension of "foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual" then you'll know that I still don't know.

Until We Meet Again...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Shoes 4 the Shoeless

A friend sent this to me in email.

At first, I thought it was some sort of joke or something along that line. It is not. It is just a group of people trying to help out kids by getting them a pair of properly fitting shoes.

Check 'em out: Shoes 4 the Shoeless

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Neither gone nor forgotten...

Despite having a fairly decent mental outline of post ideas, I just haven't felt like posting much these past couple of days. It is hard to post positively when you positively feel negative. I am working on it. Actually, I quite thought I was on pretty solid ground as far as "keeping on the sunny side" goes but turns out that I did not account for outside influences.

As I am writing this, I can say with all seriousness I can get why someone who wanted to dedicate their life to a spiritual end would find monkdom or nunnery (official or self-imposed) appealing. There is still human nature to deal with, but to some end everyone else at the abbey is on the same page as you are and that would certainly make it all easier wouldn't it. No spouse to breakdown, no kids to throw monkey wrenches, sounds pretty nice about now if you ask me.

Any suggestions on how to quit going to the dark side and stealing cookies?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Festive Fall Friday

The thing about giving is that it goes hand in hand with receiving. Oh sure, once upon a time, I was pretty skeptical myself about the ways of the world. Down right negative really but that is changing. I find myself getting back to a place I used to be, a happier place. I guess, I have been fortunate to be around some really great "teachers" over the past several months. It didn't just happen. I had to open myself up to it and no lying I've had to work at it. How's that old song go? Free your mind and the rest will follow.

What does any of this have to do with Festive Fall Friday? Well, I was getting there. The air around here is ripe with party vibes. For starters, it is homecoming weekend around here and it will be my daughter's first time going to a semi-formal dance. She and her friends have a bunch of plans and it's really hard not to become infected by their energy. It's cooled off a bit, it's sunny, it's going to be a great weekend AND my hubby managed to score tickets to the Oktoberfest preview party tonight!

I am excited. I am grateful. I would probably not personally buy tickets for the preview because I am thrifty and I don't know that I could justify the price of admission BUT higher powers so know me and are looking out for me. When I used to get wrapped up in how nothing was happening and everything was a struggle and no good ever comes to me...I'll be damned if that's how it was. I am very conscientious of the good now, and I make a point of acknowledging it whenever I can. So, yeah, the whole accentuate the positive, it definitely has merit.

My advice for the weekend? Stop worrying and start living, because living is the purpose of life.

Until we meet again...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Post from the middle of a good day

I am having a good day. Got a 98 on the USC pre-test at KMC, I'm thinking that should get me an interview and possibly the job. While I was off doing that my brother came over to hang out with my son. The end result? Both of them napping soundly.

~Circa Nov 2006~
 As I am writing this, my husband is in the beat laboratory mixin' it up. People have asked me how I can stand it and really at this point I hardly ever notice. It helps that he is talented and I have yet to hear anything that completely sucked. It's all music, no lyrics right now, so that also helps. I tend to grow weary of hearing the same sixteen bars over and over when he is working on something. Besides, I knew what I was getting into so I really can't complain. He should probably get back to his "real" job but hey, it's his lunch break.

I have to go grocery shopping this afternoon. I could probably stretch it out 'til tomorrow, but I hate the store on Fridays. I am super stoked because I have a buttload of coupons for things we actually use! Just last week, a friend posted some story of a tremendous coupon conquest which is great for her but a large majority of manufacturer's coupons are completely useless to me. A lot of them are for processed junk which we have worked really hard to eliminate. See, my hubby is on a fairly strict regimen of healthy eating. My daughter is a vegetarian. My son and I just go with the flow because I have no desire to be a short order cook in my own house.

Sooooo, I started pulling up the websites for the products we actually buy and wouldn't you know it I found coupons for quite a few of our favorites. Vegetarian items are quite expensive, and I really don't buy the arguement that it is because of demand. As I see it, if everything I used to have to trudge to the health food store can be found at Kroger then it's mainstream and the manufacturers really need to stop extorting the healthy eaters of the world. That aside I think I just might have to use my grocery savings on a little something for me.

I guess you really can get what you want :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Gift of Giving

I read an article about this in Woman's World a while back. At the time, I wanted to share it with a friend of mine who has MS but I guess I threw away the issue and I couldn't remember the details. Those pesky details have presented themselves again, so here it goes...

The story I read, which you can read here, is the story of Cami Walker and what led her to create 29 Gifts and the 29-day giving challenge. It is an interesting idea, a more structured random acts of kindness sort of site.

It is a oft overlooked idea, though. Somewhere along the lines, people have become so self-focused that their tunnel vision only fuels what ails them (IMO). Negativity, self-pity, wallowing...all of that will just eat at you like a soul cancer with your bitterness and resentments oozing like pus from your pores. (Sorry, if you were eating.) Focusing on all that is wrong really does only create more "wrong". It's is for sure how we have gotten to this place in society that is overwrought with douchebags and haters.

So, check it out, think about it, try it out. You don't have to spend a dime, you could spend the next twenty-nine days just being nice, polite, not an ass to people. Wow, think about how much better it would be in a month if people collectively just gave up their bullshit.

One other thing, if you are into online radio and podcast. Cami Walker will be on Unity Family Matters on Unity.fm on September at 1pm CT.

Until we meet again...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gift giving Ninja skills

I don't remember where I heard about this site but I always thought it was a great idea. I know that I have been in places where I was willing and able to "help" someone that I know out, but to actually hand them the couple of bucks they needed would have caused more damage than good. I think everyone comes across situations in their own life where they would play fairy godmother if they could eliminate the awkwardness that sometimes comes along when you help someone out.

That's where Giving Anonymous comes in! Through GA, you can send a check to whomever you want, in what ever amount you want without revealing who you are. If the recipient wants to thank you, they are given an 800# to call, they can leave a message that will be emailed to you. What if they don't ever cash the check? No problem, GA will process a return of funds for you.

The site also provides an opportunity to give to total strangers which GA pre-screens for need.

I personally have not used GA...yet. I vaguely remember at the time that I found the site, I had someone in mind BUT I didn't know their exact address and so I never followed through.

It seems like aside from the financial boost, giving through GA would help someone spiritually. Think about how you feel when you find money. Ok, now think about how you feel when you find money at a time when you really needed it. I know that there have been times in my life that just ten bucks from anywhere would have renewed my faith in anything.

The name and artist of the song escapes me at the moment, but there is a song which sings:
I cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good I can do.
Words to live by, and if I happen to find the song I will post it up here.

Until We Meet Again...

Monday, September 20, 2010

...The first step...

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -- Confucius

I started this up sometime ago. It sat and sat without a single post. My original intention was skewed, so I couldn't post. What I was going to do wasn't me, it didn't feel right. Not this entire idea but aspects of my original plan. As always I wasn't listening, well, at least, not listening fully.

I prosper as I live a life of purpose. My friends, that is by far one of my favorite affirmations. So simple, yet so powerful because living with a purpose changes your perception of prosperity. There I was swimming in a sea of people ostensibly doing things with a purpose, but it didn't feel right. Since our definitions of prosperity were starkly different, so was our idea of purpose.

In that time, I started reading a book that I picked up at church: The Transcendent Life by Jim Rosemergy. There is a lot of good stuff in that book, quick and easy to read the meat of it. It is the 40-day guide that requires all the work. Also, in that timeframe, we were in the process of moving...a process that went much less smoothly than expected. So, I have all these things coming at me: moving, passive aggressive emails from the purposeful bunch, a hubby stressed out from all the mess of moving and a whirlwind of work changes, a daughter on the cusp of high school, a son who can climb into and out of his highchair and everything else in his path, can't find anything, living out of boxes, don't know what day it is, second degree oil burns up my arm, god this sucks, something needs to change, arghhhhh!

Flash forward to 1:05 PM EST on this beautiful September afternoon. I have removed all that was offensive to me on this blog page and have refocused on what is important. Am I perfect? Hells no. I'll be the first to admit I have a lot of work to do to be the person I was put here to be.
When I am not waxing and waning on whatever subject tickles me, I plan to share links and stories and whatnot that may be of use on this journey. Most, but not all links with be on the sidebar. There shouldn't be any ads on here, either. All my links are direct as possible to what I want you to see, and I am doing this for the purpose of doing it so I don't see the need to monetize my blog.

Until we meet again...