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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Post from the middle of a good day

I am having a good day. Got a 98 on the USC pre-test at KMC, I'm thinking that should get me an interview and possibly the job. While I was off doing that my brother came over to hang out with my son. The end result? Both of them napping soundly.

~Circa Nov 2006~
 As I am writing this, my husband is in the beat laboratory mixin' it up. People have asked me how I can stand it and really at this point I hardly ever notice. It helps that he is talented and I have yet to hear anything that completely sucked. It's all music, no lyrics right now, so that also helps. I tend to grow weary of hearing the same sixteen bars over and over when he is working on something. Besides, I knew what I was getting into so I really can't complain. He should probably get back to his "real" job but hey, it's his lunch break.

I have to go grocery shopping this afternoon. I could probably stretch it out 'til tomorrow, but I hate the store on Fridays. I am super stoked because I have a buttload of coupons for things we actually use! Just last week, a friend posted some story of a tremendous coupon conquest which is great for her but a large majority of manufacturer's coupons are completely useless to me. A lot of them are for processed junk which we have worked really hard to eliminate. See, my hubby is on a fairly strict regimen of healthy eating. My daughter is a vegetarian. My son and I just go with the flow because I have no desire to be a short order cook in my own house.

Sooooo, I started pulling up the websites for the products we actually buy and wouldn't you know it I found coupons for quite a few of our favorites. Vegetarian items are quite expensive, and I really don't buy the arguement that it is because of demand. As I see it, if everything I used to have to trudge to the health food store can be found at Kroger then it's mainstream and the manufacturers really need to stop extorting the healthy eaters of the world. That aside I think I just might have to use my grocery savings on a little something for me.

I guess you really can get what you want :)

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