If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~Bob Hope

Friday, July 26, 2013

First day of the rest of your life or end of the world? It is such a fine line.

Seriously, it is.

Quit my job on Monday. I should write more about that.

I had every faith that everything would work out. Then, I did the math.

I have ideas. I have had them. Execution eludes me though.

Did I just get out of a bad situation and open up a stream of positivity that I will surf into opportunity or did tie weights to my family's ankles and hurl them into shark-infested waters? Time will tell I suppose.

I can tell you right now all I can hear is the Jaws theme and I don't know what to do about it. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

$10 a day, any suggestions?

Okay, so my husband and I figured out this evening that after taxes, daycare, gas, food and the reckless spending that happens when we are both working that I make not a lot of money. Like seriously, if I quit and collected $10 worth of scrap metal everyday I would be doing better off than I am in my current job. So I have been sitting here brainstorming what legal and socially acceptable ways could I stay home and make the same amount of money.

It feels like I have been here before. Such a small gap to cover and now that I have put it out there the direct sales ladies are going to come out of the woodwork. I am not opposed to direct sales but there are only two I would consider right now. I am actively talking with one and the other is just whim. I like a lot of things about direct sales and there is a lot I don't like so I have to be sure that I can balance those aspects and make it be what I need it to be.

I suppose I could have a big garage sale before the end of summer. It would certainly pare down the clutter in this house and provide a lump of cash. I would think I could get enough cash from a sale like that to cover my Macy's card which would in turn be one less thing to worry about.

Someone suggested babysitting. I don't think I could do that. I don't know. I like kids but I always feel way less comfortable with other people's kids. Most people do not talk to nor want other people to talk to their children as if they are actually small, highly intelligent humans. Also, as far as kids go, I do tend to have a bit of a nothing to fear but fear itself attitude. It has only resulted in one emergency room visit in 17 years of motherhood which is pretty good really. I might consider it on a limited basis but it would totally have to be for the right people. Seriously, if there was some Lord of the Flies daycare franchise, I would be a good fit with the mission and vision of that organization.

I have thought about an eBay store. It seems like work, like a lot of work, and not necessarily rewarding. It certainly would feed my shopping habits to have a place to unload my merchandise. I mean I bought $400 in dresses at Goodwill last week, some still with the tags on them, and I am not going to wear them. I could easily sell them for $25 a pop with free shipping and be money ahead. Plus, this house is chock full of odds and ends that have got to be worth something to someone. I might have to research that some more. Any experience there? Good or bad, I would appreciate the feedback.

I did mention scrap metal. I wish I had my van still, I would totally be a picker. One man's trash really is another man's treasure...they just need a broker to get them connected. I saw aluminum was like .52 a pound the other day. I need to get in shape anyway so maybe I throw the boy in the jogging stroller and we clean the highways and biways of this town and any place else we can find.

I know to some people it seems silly. Like why wouldn't I just work a job, just suck it up and deal with being an underpaid, indentured servant to some vapid corporation? Well, because it just doesn't work. I have long thought that if people sat and took a long hard look at the cost of working and had just a smidgen of faith about God providing that a lot more couples would go old school if you will. Well, assuming that both parties are mature adults.

When I was at home before, I totally loved it. It was more rewarding than any job I ever had. When I saved money someone else genuinely cared that I saved money. When I found a new use for things someone genuinely was impressed. When I had a screw off day and didn't do my work and just kind of chilled, no one wrote me up or threatened to fire me. It's not easy being home, especially for someone who has always worked a J-O-B.

I will fully admit that there was a time when I was at home before where I did feel drifty and purposeless. That was something I had to work through because it seemed like for most of my life everyone pushed me into the idea that I had to work and I had to succeed and that smart girls did not become housewives. Whoever is propagating that bs needs a severe beating! How messed up is it to say that I would be better for my children if I was not involved in their lives on a much more intimate and meaningful level as a stay at home mom? I wish I had spent more time with my daughter when she was younger rather than pursuing material stuff I wasn't really even that into. I can totally see how that might have benefited her. Sigh.

So, here I am. I have a testing situation and an interview tomorrow. Three different positions, two different companies. I have the opinion of my husband that even if I don't get job x (the most flexible of the jobs) that I should quit my current job. Even with job x this idea of making $10 a day is feasible, I just would have to cover less days. I don't know what to do.

I don't have a magic ball.

I don't have a winning lottery ticket.

I don't have non-gappy, solid work history.

I am pretty smart though.

I am pretty creative too.

I also have some pretty intelligent and creative friends.

Oh, and there is that rich Father who loves me. It may sound hokey to some but I can do nothing but look at my life and see how God provides. So, here's to being like the lillies and the birds I guess and seeing what adventure comes up next.

What would you do to make $10 a day?
My quick rendition of lillies.