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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why I keep setting an income goal of $37,500

I am prone to all sorts of weirdness and craziness and I guess, magical thinking. I wrote out income goals for this year. I have revised the methods but not the number. I have set a goal of $37,500.

It doesn't seem like much, but even adjusted for inflation, it's actually probably more than I have ever made in my life. I say probably because (accounting for inflation) I did have a job at one point that was paying me "mileage" to run meetings. I couldn't tell you the amount but I can tell you that it far exceeded the standard mileage rate at the time, especially considering that the distance being driven every month was negligible.

Anyway, I had read an article that a survey had been conducted and that 75,000 seemed to be the magical happiness number. I can't find the exact article but this one explains it a bit. I realize that some people would have seen that and set 75,000 as their goal.  Like I said, I can't find the original piece that I had read but I didn't take it that way. I took it as 75k total of which my half would be 37,500. God bless my magical thinking!

Like I said though, I don't think that I have ever made that much (accounting for inflation) in my life. Plus, half of 75k is 37.5k but my other half will exceed that easily. It's a point of fact, not a brag. So, when I hit my number, our number won't exactly be 75k.

I don't really want more than I can handle but I do want to be comfortable. I have never been someone who desires great wealth or the finer things or any sort of bragging rights to anything. I just want to be happy. I just want to live my life to the fullest and so that their actually are people that might be inclined to say nice things about me at my funeral.

I know that some of my stumbling blocks to success are geographic. I am working on it. But really, my whole life I never wanted a desk job...even when I had one. Sigh. I just want to go to bed every night without that worry. I think it is hard because for awhile it was there, and I dunno if I didn't express enough gratitude for being financially sound or what but it all got ripped away and there was nothing I could do about it. Well, except for get back on the market which has failed miserably.

So, yeah, I set my income goal to 37,500 because I want to be happy.

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