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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day Gift ideas?

It realized this morning that Father's Day is this weekend. D'oh! I haven't a clue what to buy or do for my husband.

Last year, we were in Chicago over Father's Day weekend. Driving back to our hotel from Downtown, we ended up stopping at this record shop that had caught our eye the night before. He actually didn't go in with my daughter and me because our son was asleep. So last year for Father's Day, we gave him a Bad Boy Bill CD.

I don't know if we can count on that sort of divine providence this year.

I have a list of I'd like to's which all pretty much revolve around relaxing. Cash and coordinating the whole thing are getting in the way.

Then there's that midi guitar...but I can't seem to get any good offers on the kids to buy that one for him.

They took me to dinner for mother's day. Maybe we'll do the same, as I wrote that last sentence I got an idea so may be all hope is not gone.

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