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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Festival Season is upon us!

Ascension Festival 2011 Kettering, Ohio

You would think that I was still eight years old the way I am anticipating the weekend right now. St. Helen's Parish Festival starts this Friday at 6pm. For me, St. Helen's marks the beginning of Summer. It has been a family tradition to attend since the dawn of time, I think. It's not unusual to run into family and people who might as well be at St. Helen's.

Some years, I stand patiently in line before 6 to get first crack at the flea market. I don't think I'll be doing that this year just because I don't think the other half will home in time. There are games, rides, food, books, bingo and beer. Seems like some years, we are in and out and on our way and other years we linger. I think it all depends on the weather and mood.If you let it, it can be a good cheap night out with the family.

I call it the start of Summer because June 22-24 is the Ascension Festival in Kettering as well as Fenwick Festival in Middletown. Then there's the whole Independence Day holiday, and then Immaculate Conception the first weekend in August (usually). There's others, I know, but I am not as entwined with them as these festivals. We usually hit Delco on the 4th for fireworks, but I don't think we hit many July festivals. At least none with the frequency and anticipation of the ones I've mentioned. I know Summer is closing down when AlterFest and Holiday at Home happen.

The calendar may say that Summer doesn't start until June 20 but I have a cup of change that says it starts Friday.

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