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Saturday, June 9, 2012

The parable of the clearance underpants...

Okay, maybe it's just a story and not so big and important as a parable but at any rate here it goes.

Since my daughter started  driving, I find myself at Target a lot. She likes to drive to the one in Sugarcreek Twp because there are like a hundred million ways from our house to there that offer different driving experiences.

The other day whilst in said Target, we happened to stroll through the intimates  department annd I spotted something  but to go into detail would be a complete embarrassment to my sixteen year old. On that same clearance rack, I also spotted underwear.

I am apt to say that the last time I bought new undies, I was pregnant with my son because I forget (or is it block out) the cheapo pack of undies that I thought were a good deal. Seriously, like most of the cheapos were unwearable within two weeks because of bad construction. Too bad too, 'cuz they were cute as all get out.

So anyway, I ended up picking up this ten-pack of underwear from Target for...I almost feel like I need a drum roll...$4.81 because it was a "repackage" by virtue of a piece of scotch tape. I love a good find, especially if it's something useful and not one of the those "deals" that you find yourself questioning a week later because there is no functional use for it...even if it was only 99 cents.

Later that night, I was sharing the Target adventure with my hunny and when I reached the point where I could brag about my underwear purchase I grab them to show him. Really, ten pair for $4.81 is pretty good but then the words hit me and stunned me into that deer in headlights look.


How did I fail to notice that they were briefs? Granny panties? Seriously? I can not give you an accurate date as to when the last time I had worn briefs was. It may not seem like a big deal but I was seriously having some issues with the purchase at that point. That's a lot of coverage. Probably more coverage than I had seen since middle school. I should return them. Hmmm, but they were less than fifty cents a pair, so maybe I could learn to love them.

Two pair into the pack, I think it may have been a divine intervention. Full coverage means the waistband doesn't rub against my C-Section scar. And when I bend over in certain pants, no crack. Instead of falling just below an area that needs some work, they cover it. And what better, certain tanks that I have also cover for a clean, non-frumpy look.

I'm not saying I want to start a granny panty revolution, but I gotta admit I feel better in these britches than I have in years. Maybe it's because I am not too big for them, ha!

And being as I am married it has nothing to do with my husband's reaction, because I know that I could show up in some old school bloomers and floor-length skirt and God love him he'd still want to get it on with me.

I am grateful I found good cheap underwear. I keep thinking of a friend who is always telling me that you get what you need just when you need it. I needed a change, who knew it was in my underwear. Wait! That sounds a bit wrong, but you get the picture. Just because the situation isn't what you want or what you are used to doesn't mean it's wrong. It could be exactly what you have been looking for if you give it a chance.

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