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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday Wishes and Cupcake Dreams...

Cupcakes from Ashley's Pastry Shop
Oakwood, Ohio

So, sixteen years ago today, actually approximately sixteen years and twenty minutes ago, I became a mother. It's hard to believe really. Not much longer and she'll be leaving the nest. Okay, I think I might get a little verklempt here.

I have done well to not do embarrassing "mom" stuff today like post on her Facebook wall or send attention grabbing packages to school. Sure, I am posting this but unless you know me personally I am just a stranger talking about her kids and I am fairly certain that since I am not popular with the Tumblr set it is a safe bet that this is not going to go viral among her friend's and cause the kind of mortification that seems to only really happen when you are a teenager and everything matters...even if it doesn't.

She didn't want anything really, and I know she meant that. It takes one a long while to realize all the strange and wonderful reasons that your parents and family want to make all over you on your birthday. I love birthdays! For most of her last 15, it has meant a dinner of her choosing and cake and whatnot. I am okay with low-key and picked up these beautiful cupcakes because low-key doesn't have to me nothing at all.

So, here's to another year! Happy Birthday (embarrassing nickname that Mom can't stop calling you deleted)!

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