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Friday, March 30, 2012

My Fizzy Lifting Fantasy

This morning was my son's last day of preschool. School was supposed to run through May but his teacher needed to end the year for personal reasons. Sadly, she is not going to reopen the school in fall. He has had such a great time there and has really developed a like of learning that I couldn't have given him.

Anyway, as we were driving over this morning, I kept thinking of Willy Wonka and the fizzy lifting drinks. See, I had a stack of take home games to take back this morning. Some of them, I didn't even know we had, and have probably been floating around the house since Christmas. And my fizzy lifting fantasy was that I was going to hand back the games to Ms. K and as I walked back out she was going to stop me and magically the end wouldn't be today.

Sigh, just a fantasy not a reality and now to figure out how to keep him sufficiently busy until Fall when we can get him in another preschool.

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