If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~Bob Hope

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weathering the storm...

...as I write this I am wound full of ten kinds of anxiety. I have my first big vendor show tomorrow and as much as I keep telling myself it's out of my hands, I can't help but get keyed up. I guess, I should mention that it is Friday night and I am preposting so that I don't get off track like last weekend.

Today was tough. Nasty weather and my hubby driving in it to come home. He called me at one point because he was pulled off on account of hail and heavy wind. I made the dreadful mistake of turning on the tv after we hung. The area between here and where he was...big bright red splotch with tornado warnings. WARNINGS! I am not usually one to get shaken easily. But the hour and a half I waited for him to get home totally sucked!

Five or six more weeks of this. He had our daughter watch our son and we ran up to Town and Country and hit 2nd & Charles and Trader Joe's where he bought me a really pretty bouquet of flowers. We've been doing dinner once a week and talking and Skyping but it really isn't the same as having here 24/7.

I survived today. I can survive the next few weeks. I have watched enough Disney cartoons to know that my options are "Keep Moving Forward", "Keep on Swimming", "Hakuna Matata". Keep moving forward is my favorite. I like to imagine Tom Selleck telling me to keep moving forward. Hahahaha!

I hope that everyone is weathering their own storms with a style and a grace that's all their own!

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