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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Love Those Latte Bars by Do You Bake?: A half-baked review

 So, I made Love Those Latte Bars for my Scentsy party a couple of weeks ago. I had intended to do a full spread like I do of the process and the end result. It was a spur of the moment decision and well, let's just say I had too many things going on at once to execute it well.

To make them you need roughly three sticks of butter and three eggs, so you know they HAVE to be delicious. At least, that is my humble opinion. And it has to be buttah, no margarine, no Crisco, no I Can't Believe It's Not, nope, nope, nope BUTTER.

 So, three eggs, three sticks of butter and three bags. Good things really do come in threes!! Since I am writing this well after I actually made it, and have since thrown it the box away. I can't tell you the steps really, except for that as always it was pretty easy.

I can't even remember from looking at my "step-by-step" pictures exactly what the process was to be honest because I think I skipped important shots. So, in order to fill space, let's admire this bowl of butter:)

This next picture is the psychology portion of our Do You Bake? experience. What do you see? How does it make you feel? Tell me about your mother. Ha, soo kidding there, lighten up, life's to short to not laugh.

Actually, if I remember you mix Bag A with Vanilla and then dare your caffeine-fiend husband to drink it. Then, you dump that into melted butter and use every ounce of willpower not to drink that beautiful concoction yourself!   Then you dump in bag #2 and a trio of eggs, pour and spread in a 9 x 9 and bake. Obviously, you bake it after all, it isn't Do You Microwave or Do You Toaster Oven.

Bag #3 is the icing on the cake, literally.

Biting into a Love That Latte Bar...it's one of those things like a wedding or birth of a child or some world event where you remember where you were and what you were doing when everything went down. One rep shared on our rep board that she was renaming them Holy Sh*t Bars because that was the reaction she was getting when she sampled them. I am not making this up. I took a tiny, tiny corner to sample before the party because I don't want to serve anything that I don't like or at least can't defend. So, then I took another just to be sure it wasn't the hunger talking.

OMG, these bars are awesome! I can't really explain the fireworks and angels singing that happened when I bit into this bar. Now, if you do not care for chocolate and/or coffee, then you will not like these bars. Me, well, my breakfast of choice for a long, long, longer than I care to admit time was coffee and Ding Dongs, so for me these bars were kind of a big deal.

My Scentsy gal and I grew up together, and when she asked me what I thought... I told her that next time I make them I am adding coconut to the mix and seeing if they don't turn out exactly like a cake our cafeteria used to serve.

So, yeah, I love Love Those Latte Bars! My love is reinforced by my friend, Lynnie, buying the leftovers and reporting back that her guild people liked 'em lots.

There is nothing half baked about Love Those Latte Bars...just this consultant :)

Disclaimer: I am an independent consultant for Do You Bake?. The opinions expressed here are my own and if you click a DYB? linky I might receive compensation.

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  1. Being on a diet, I resisted trying them at the party, but did try them the next day. All I have to say is YUM! The hostess of my guild meeting said she was wishing I had left the rest there. I promised her an encore at a later date. The few remainding went to other friends, who said "that could possibly be the best brownie I ever ate" So there you have it folks.
    They are THAT GOOD!