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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Busy, busy, busy...

This is going to be the first of several post today, so I wanted to apologize in advance to anyone who is subscribed by the post, rather than on a summary basis.

I am sitting in this weird place right now. No, silly, not my dining room, but a more esoteric place. Sometimes, because I don't constantly blog and I am not constantly plugged in you don't see the full story. Plus, even if I was somehow fused with all my technology, it still wouldn't be the fullest picture because you aren't privy to my internal monologue and all my deepest, innermost thoughts.

As I posted yesterday, I will be participating in a vendor event with Do You Bake? for  Relay for Life. I will be donating a portion of my sales to the relay for life team. There is a link on my page if you can't make it to the show. Looking forward to it, and for those of you who will be stopping by, I plan to have already prepared items for sale in addition to the mixes. I am grateful to live in a state with "Cottage Food" laws...even with the extra steps to comply with labeling.

I will also be donating a portion of my sales from GetCleverNow.com to the team.

My next several posts will be specifically related to those two lines of business and a few other things, but I don't want to jumble them up all on one post.

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