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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bracket Busting Hijinks...

I like that modern technology allows me to play multiple brackets...legally and without spending a dime. I was super hot on my one bracket for awhile. Had I picked what I thought I had I would still be smokin', not huge deal since there's no money riding on anything.

So, if Kentucky and Ohio State win tonight, I'll still have a hat in the ring. The problem comes on the final. Do I root for the chance to win an iPod or big fat pizza gift certificate? No way I am in the running for a million dollars or anything like that but I would gladly welcome a smaller prize.

Don't expect a full report from me after the game. I have a show from 12-5 and the first game is at 6. Hmm, is it wrong to pray to go to B-dubs for dinner? I should put the number in my phone right now to make it even easier to pick it up on the way home.

May the best team win and I hope it's yours! :)

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