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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lenten Mediations:Release Your Inner Splendor

I am a sucker for daily readers. I currently have five sitting next to bed that I try to peruse everyday. It may seem  a bit overkillish, but I like each one for a different reason. I make every attempt to read from them first thing in the morning when I get up, but sometimes don't hit them 'til later in the day. It's a usually not more than ten minutes I use to get my head in the game for the day.

Over the past couple of years, I have picked up a few short term booklets from Unity. This year is no different, I already have my copy of Lent 2012:Release Your Inner Splendor. I recommend the Unity publications for anyone. The format is easy. The language is simple. The result, of course, will vary. When I picked up my first one, I was far, far from a place where I could appreciate the full depth of the readings. I guess that's what I mean by anyone...looking for guidance...looking for maintenance...looking for a lift...not sure what you are looking for...yep all those folks.

What are my other readers?
  • Day by Day with Saint Joseph Part Catholic on my dad's side, maybe that's why I can appreciate the daily verse, reflection and prayer offered in this book. My copy is a beautiful leather-bound 100th anniversary addition that my hubby received through his job. 
  • A twelve-step meditation book. That's all I can say on that one ;) 
  • Five Minutes A Day by Robert E Speer...copyright 1943. I found this in a box of free books at a church rummage sale. Every page has a topic. Every topic has verses, poetry, and prayer. The Brownings, Goethe, Tennyson, Rossetti, Eliot, Longfellow...I could go on and on. It reads like a who's who of College Lit book heroes and it begs a question...could it be that we really were much smarter then?
  • Time-Out for the Spirit:Two Minute Quiet Times for Times That Aren't Picked this up from that same rummage sale box, and it's not really a daily-type reader. There hasn't been a day yet that I haven't been able to find a topic that is useful to me. 
  • Simple Abundance:A Day Book of Comfort and Joy I picked this up a a garage sale several years ago. I've never really followed it completely or completed all the tasks offered by the days. 
So, that's what I read? How about you? 

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