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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This one goes out to all the pagans, and all the pagan's mamas, and all the pagan's mama's mamas

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Yesterday, a friend of mine had posted the origins of Valentine's Day. I am no scholar, nor do I claim to be. What struck me in this, and other histories of the holiday I have read is that is very strong rooted in Christianity.

Commercialism as it goes is pretty God-less, and given way our modern Valentine's has become I couldn't help myself and had to use the subject line that I did.

See, I don't really care what people believe. It's really none of my business, but if you are going spend every minute of your waking life spitting out that old gem about Christians "stealing" the pagan holidays and making them their own, then every once in a while. I'm going to have to direct you to something like this.

Sorry to go into second person there. This isn't really directed to anyone specifically. It just is a major pet peeve of mine.

So anyway, check out History of Valentines Day from the Holiday Spot. Have a beautiful day everyone! XOXO Jenny <3

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