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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lazy Sunday...I wish!

So, I totally missed a Saturday post. Sorry. I am not going to do Clever Container post on Saturdays because frankly Clever Container has not been working for me, despite how hard I have worked for it, so I decided to cut it loose. Not sure what I will post instead on Saturdays now. Maybe a tribute to Enpde, but I don't know.

Busy Saturday, but I don't mind. It's reallt better that way.

Everything sort of seems that way lately. I was thinking that I didn't have much going on with my Do You Bake? business, but when I wrote it down it turned out that I have a vendor show, a Girl's Night Out, and a huge online fundraiser on the horizon. I also have a fledgling networking group that I am attached to that I have had a couple of interesting ideas for. I have been given free reign with the social media and marketing of Endpe. So much, so much and it's soo much fun.

As I am writing this, I am enjoying a nice chardonnay listening to my other half swear at Sound Forge. I am really beginning to suspect that life was never intended to be all compartmentalized. From 6-5, I am this person. From 5-8, some other. Et al. No, I think you are supposed to be who you are all the time. I think that fact that my husband and I are sitting here are hmmm o' clock on a now Sunday morning doing what some would perceive as "working" but in fact really quite enjoying ourselves is some sort of testimony to that end.

This is shaping up to be a crazy week. He starts a new job on Monday, and it's got uber intensive training. I don't mind so much. I'm really thankful for all he does for this family but...BUT this week is going to be a test. Actually, really the next couple of months. Dude, I've never seen a training schedule like he has. It's a little bit awesome because if they are putting that much into him, then I know they didn't choose him lightly. 

The kids are off school Monday which is a mixed blessing. With the Wolfeman being tied up in new jobsville, it is somewhat nice to have one day where the schedule doesn't matter. It amuses me that I spent 12 or so years as a single mother, yet completely freak out at the prospect of kinda playing that role during business travel and other events. I dunno, Reynaldo is one of those guys that is very much a part of family life, when he is detained from that...it shows. I have made a small effort to fill up the time this week with other activities. I hope that works out.

I don't know how the rest of Sunday is going to pan out. I know Wolfeman has to hit the hay early to meet his new start time. But that's about all that is firm in our schedule. Our house is in serious need for a deep cleaning, especially since I have people coming over Saturday for a Scentsy party.

12:31 am 2/19/12 life is good!

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