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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Traumatic Brotherhood of the Green Pants

So, as if rushing into my daughter's room in a half-panic at ten of eight to tell her it was ten of eight wasn't enough to get my day going. I had to stop just as soon as the words left my mouth...No school...Woops! Go back to sleep, sorry! Definately a "Doh!" moment but I wish it would have stopped there.

My son does have school today. It's pre-school, they roll differently. Getting him dressed is where the day took another strange turn. He has a pair of green jogging pants. Every single solitary time I pull them out of the drawer the past couple of months, it is met with "I don't like those". Actually, I could be folding them and putting them away and he will chime in. They are a perfectly nice pair of pants that he has wore quite a few times really. This disdain is recent.

He was in tears about these pants. Not faker-faker bellyacher kinda tears but fat, juicy I seriously don't like these pants tears. It's all mildly amusing and a tad cute, but also a bit disturbing. Aside from telling me they were too big, he launched into a tale of the pants falling off of him over in the field. These pants have never really been too big, so I am not sure where that is coming from but I can't help but pause and reflect on some possibilities.  I get him in the pants to show him that they fit perfectly...they really do.

He carried on for a few more minutes and was totally fine...until Daddy mentions the pants. The next thirty-forty minutes the water works were on and off. It wasn't always about the pants but it would end up there. Here I am five of nine and ready to crawl back in bed because I feel a little wore down.

I suppose I could have changed the pants. But it's not a line I was willing to draw, because frankly if I cave on the pants, then every stupid little thing become negotiable. Every thing becomes subject to tears and tantrum  and next thing you know I've got one of those unbearable douche kids that everyone feels bad for hating but can't help but to hate. Plus, I don't believe there are any known cases of child fatalities as a result of wearing green pants.

I'll let you know if that changes...

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