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Sunday, July 16, 2006

90 days same as cash

So, I've been perusing the old myspace tonight. I started out on one of my friends and clicked around. One thing that is interesting to me is some of the interconnectedness of people who don't know each other. I was noticing that some of the friends of one chick I know were also friends of another chick I know, but I know that they do not know each other. Just little stuff like that...

I may break down and do myspace. There are people there that I haven't talked to in years. We graduated and went our separate ways. I'd like to think that we could still have some of the same fun we used to. A few of them are old BBS friends. Although, one of them I came across is related to a ex-boyfriend that hope never finds me, so there is a big argument against myspace.

Work was okay. I ended up with parking lot duty which amounts to 6 hours of sitting and waiting for handicapped people to come so I can move cones to let them in. Six hours of contemplation...sweet!

I got a lot of my angst out earlier in the day so I'm feeling pretty groovy now. It's weird the way I get home from there and am energized. Plus, working there seems to be making the summer go at a slower pace. I dunno, it's only been a month since we came back from Florida but it doesn't seem like it.

What else? Hmmm...my previous predictions probably should be revisited.

My summer predictions:
1. I will still be watching the aforementioned programs I've hardly watched any TV, and when I do it's been movies or whatever Jo wants.

2. Things might get a little better, but only through the power of grain alcoholExcept for the 4th and Panic! at the Disco, I've hardly drank.
3. I will probably lose 10 or more pounds. (I've actually lost 5 in the last 2 weeks and I wasn't even trying. I find I keep forgetting to eat.) I am now down to 155 which marks an additional 5 pounds since I wrote that at the end of May. As I am not trying or making any effort to lose weight when I hit 150 I may make an appointment to see my hot doc because losing all this weight without actually trying probably means there is something wrong with me.

4. The closest I will get to taking up kickboxing is watching UFC. See previous TV comments.
5. I may collapse of exhaustion in August. (Something like 27 of the 31 days have shows scheduled) Not likely to happen as I've purposely requested like every other day off.
6. I will love my second job making me hate my real job more. Love is probably an overstatment, but it does make me feel that much more like slitting my wrist at my day job.
7. Sometime around the end of July, how I really feel will hit me hard and no one will understand. (Bonus if it happens during George Thorogood & the Destroyers) It's already hit. I'll be alright though. Last I checked he isn't the last man on earth.
8. I will finally find how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop. Mmmmm, Tootsie Pop...
9. Jordan will take more steps toward being a horrible teenager, thus adding to my sadness and frustration. check, check, and double check
10. I will get sunburned in Florida. I did not. Nor did I really get any sort of tan.

Welp, kids I'm off to bed. I think we're going to go on a little day trip tomorrow so I should rest up.

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  1. Hi there. I have been enjoying your blog. I would like to thank you for giving the world a peek into your life.