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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Out of Office Assistant

Well, here we are, tomorrow at this time I will be in Florida. And this will be my last entry 'til I get back.
Everything is packed and ready. Just have some household things to get taken care of before I go over to my parent's tonight. I'm wondering how this early flight is going to work with Jordan.
As is often my luck, we now have the first named Atlantic storm of the season, Alberto. Looking at weatherunderground.com and it's looking like they are calling for clouds and rain just about everyday we're going to be there. It really sort of sucks. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude, but you know....
Maybe this is just how it is supposed to be for me.
I've been thinking about that a lot. Especially since I'm listening to songs with lyrics like,"She don't need a thing, she don't need saving or a lay/She's got all the friends around and you can hear them say:/He's not into you he's into the idea of?"  (She Wants Revenge "Red Flags and Long Nights).
I think what really trips me up...nothing I wanted was unreasonable. I meant so much that it was repeatedly ignored. It doesn't matter now.
Okay, I have got to get stuff done so that I can go on vacation and start my new life when I et back.

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