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Monday, June 19, 2006

But I like it...

I'm digging putting pics up here. I don't know breaks it up a bit. Plus, I have a ton o' pics from Disney to choose from, so what the hell, why not!

So, I may have mentioned my hopes of starting a new life after vacation. Ok, maybe not a new life, but definately making changes for the better, so that I can stop waking up in these unbecoming situations. I have to admit for a little bit in the past 24 hours, I doubted my ability to stay focused. I doubted that this would turn the way that I hope it will, but then like some glorious classifieds shower I found quite a few jobs that interest me. Like the kinds I have been looking for since I graduated college...and now I can say that I have sent resumes to about 10 different positions that don't suck like billing :)

I have tentative plans for my free Friday now. I am going to work the show. Although, we'll see how I feel after all of this because even before I picked up Friday, I was going to be working (total both jobs)12 days straight with the possibility of it being more because the July schedule is not up yet. I think working is my boy replacement, it's definately more satisfying that most of my relationships have ever been.

Crossing my fingers that one of these jobs pans out, and asking everyone else to send me all the good mojo they can for this. Several of them would mean not feeling like I have to work multiple jobs and sell all my earthly posessions to stay afloat. Quitting my current job would make me so happy that my head would probably split in half from size of the smile.

Welp, someboy has graced me with the honor of his IM and so I must bid you adieu. If only because I'm tired and he requires a great deal of energy to adequately adore,ignore, and filter. Oh my, oh no he did not... I'm still smiling.

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