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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

She's gone from suck to blow...

If ever there were a time to invent a word that went beyond suck, it would be today.
Work...it is the yet un invented word...There are no slopes or curves. There is never a build-up. I just do my job, and a damn fine job at it if I may say so. I have been working my ass off trying to see if I can get my days in A/R lower than 35.2. 35.2! That is a ridiculously low A/R! That is 10 days lower than it was when I started! That is a lot of eye strain and unpleasant conversations! So, when my manager walked in today and proceed to tell me that our numbers weren't good---deep breath. It's fucking ridiculous I am the only rep at our office, I can do a lot but I can't do it all. Charges are up, thanks in small part to my aggressive coding and ability to realize the morons out front routine fail to mark things on the fee ticket. Payments last month were up about 10k over the previous month. I have cleared a whole lot of old accounts. I have appealed accounts that were denying as provider responsibility and been successful in getting paid.
Don't fucking tell me I'm not doing my job!
I had my review like 2 months ago, if I wasn't doing my job I would like to think that they might have mentioned it in my review, rather than evaluate me as exceeding expectations on all categories. Bullocks!
There have been several issues in the past like this, and I'm so tired of not knowing what to do because the answer changes.
Does it make me want to work harder? Fuck no, I've given and given and given and I can't do it anymore.
I have two days 'til vacation, then nine whole days away from that place. Upon my return, I am going find a new job. Worse comes to worst, I'll strike a deal with my old boss (who has within the last few weeks offered my old job back). I'm getting out of there, and the faster the better.
In other news...ehn, nothing really to report.

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