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Thursday, June 8, 2006

There's something to be said...

...for hard work. I've worked 12 hours today. Ok, the first eight were mind numbing, but after the 4 at my second job I should so be exhausted. I'm not.
Okay, a little tired maybe, but vaguely energetic.
I really enjoy my other job. I was IMing with one of my friends seconds ago, he has worked there as a tech and was wondering how things were going. At first he thought my answer meant that I hated it. I had to explain that my problem as I see it is that I go into "show" mode.
Example: I worked the SW gate tonight. I was a bander. I have new respect for everyone who has ever (to my disdain) banded me. We had a decent set-up, but these chicks I was working with aggravated me because they had no flow. People don't want to get held up with the unpleasantries of crowd management they want to go to the show. Ooh, and there was this one broad that kept putting them on too loosely. And I'm pretty sure that there were several people who got banded wrong as in underaged and banded for drinking. Lucky bastards :)
Alas, I don't work again 'til the 24th :(

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