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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

T minus 30 days and counting...

I had an interview of sorts tonight for an admissions rep job at a tech school. The pay is the same, the hours are roughly the same, but I am pretty sure the satisfaction at the end of a day is much more substantial. I would it turn it down, but I much prefer something paying more. I've worked too hard to stay stuck under 30k my entire life. Keeping my fingers crossed that the city job comes through...

We are watching "A Goofy Movie" right now. This movie always makes me want to cry, and the older my daughter gets the more it hits me. Yes, it makes me Goofy but I'm okay with that :)

It's been forever since I've written because, well, I worked all weekend. Friday night was the Rendezvous All-Stars. Fairly decent smooth jazz artist from the Rendezvous label which if I am not mistaken is headed up by David Sanborn, so really how could you go wrong? Saturday was a benefit for Project READ, local bands, very low-key. Sunday was Blues Fest. Like 3 local bands during the day and the big show Keb' Mo & Bonnie Raitt. I worked 26 hours give or take. I'm still a little beat. Tan and awed by Bonnie, but beat nonetheless.

I don't work again 'til July8th. Thank God! I'm fairly certain that I will not be working there next year. I'm not all that happy about the way they do a few things.

Tomorrow probably darts. I have no idea what I am doin' for the 4th. Next Thursday, I'm gonna go see Dresden Dolls & Panic at the Disco! because well, I'm cool like that and it's okay for you to be jealous.

I heard "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies" on the way to my interview. I like them. They make me giddy with my musical taste of a sixteen year old.

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