If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~Bob Hope

Monday, February 27, 2006

If only work were as fun as drama club...

So we had a staff meeting this afternoon.
I had forgotten about it until Jess said something.
Glad I went.
It was a horrible meeting.
We are not getting our bonuses.
I've worked very hard to knock almost 6 mother fucking days off that god damned A/R.
SO much for going above and beyond.
Then we proceeded to hear about the numerous complaints
that our office has received.
Some very interesting and appalling things going on outside the "hole"
Stuff even I couldn't believe.
Then our manager passed out warning forms.
Everyone but me
But everyone has to write their own formal warning.
So now everyone in the office is on Step I.
(Including me, but for different reasons,
I was insubordinate. And it was well worth the punishment.)
It's all total crap.
I mean, not everyone was a party to the indiscretions.
Not everyone deserves to be on Step I.
I was having a reasonably good day until then.
I filled out an app for a summer job.
I wish I hadn't promised Jordan Florida this year.
In light of today, I would put in my notice tomorrow
IF I felt like breaking yet
promise to my kid.
Sigh, had an email that was good for some smiling
after all that fun at work.
Granted, I think eventually he's going to have to figure
out that I soo am not the girl for him.
I mean jesus it's nice but
I finished the kabbalah book.
I guess people can't call me if I'm on the line.
Calls would be nice.
Lots of things would be nice.
how to get them,
that's always perplexing.

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