If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~Bob Hope

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mission Accomplished...sorta...

I am happy to report that I sipped on Vanilla Rum & Coke whilst sitting in a hot, hot tub listening to Bessie Smith and eating Little Debbie Brownies.
Albeit, reduced-fat ones.
Then I sat on my bed and read a few more pages of
The Essential Kabbalah
I have had the book for years, I've just never gotten around to reading it.
Then I got online, duh, how else would this get here.
I had a few IMs.
Another brownie.
Listened to some jackass on American Idol totally (IMO) butcher
"Father Figure"
A few more IMs
I think I stand by my previous comments of being out of my league,
Maybe not league, maybe just division.
At any rate, I still have to set up my coffee date for this weekend.
Okay, I should say patiently wait for that person to call,
because well, we know if I call things will get done.
I can't always be the puppetmaster, now can i?
Well, I'd like to be but that never works real well.
I still have that like from "XO" stuck in my head.
Haven't made a decision about the MBA yet.
Haven't a clue what to wear tomorrow.
Thinking about that horoscope a couple of weeks ago.
The one that said to pick the one I've never tried before.
I'm not sure which on that is!
Flyaway Minion is playing Southgate House this weekend.
If I only I had a driver.
I could drink away my sorrows
create new ones at the same time.
From where I am standing
right now
at this
very minute
it seems to me that the
of my problem is
that I have no clear
picture of who I am anymore
or at the very least I don't feel special
I feel very ordinary as of a few minutes ago.
So very smart, yet so very ordinary.
So I am thinking coffee at Java Street because it's cozy
And they've got a couch
And a TV
And Chess
And whatnot
And somehow I think I will seem like the most interesting person in the entire world.
God, that would be sweet.
I'd like that.
It'd be a nice change.
It's either Java Street or breakfast,
it all depends on what I can talk him into.
But no more of that tonight, I need to get some good sleep.

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