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Monday, January 2, 2012

Revolution in Resolutions

Tis the season to be high minded. I have never really been much for making resolutions. File it under not making promises I can't keep. Although, I think it's more of an I make more resolutions before 6 than most people make all day sort of thing.

Not perfect, never claimed to be, although from time to time I do manage to amaze myself and others. I have been somewhat underwhelmed by myself as of late, but I am still not convinced a chain of resolutions will help.

Granted, I've never had all that conventional wisdom about goal-setting work for me. I seriously and nearly religiously used to do all that "stuff" when I was a single mother in college. I didn't graduate in the timeframe that I wanted or from the school I wanted. I was never able to pursue the advanced degree I thought I should have. Nothing ever happened, or happens, the way that I would like, the way that I intend. Gives a whole lot of credence to the idea that maybe I am not in control.

Yes, there are things that I am going to work toward in 2012. None of them are pertinent to today, and today is the only thing I know for sure is happening to me. I am not saying so much that people shouldn't strive for something, I am just saying that it seems like a lot of people get so wrapped up in the future that they forget today.

There is a lot of disappointment and disillusion in dreaming. Better to be surprised by good fortune than to feel like it eludes you.

So that's my resolution...to stay in the here and now.

And maybe lose 30 pounds ;)

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