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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kindness in Giving/GetCleverNow.com Rafflecopter Giveaway

In the words of Tone Loc,"Let's do it" (Hopefully you now have the bassline to "Wild Thang" running through your head.)

I said a couple weeks ago that I was going to try do this. I said by I'd try by Spring but then the other day I quoted Yoda. So I'm DOING it! Kindness in Giving's FIRST giveaway!

GetCleverNow.com  is the blog page I have been running for my Clever Container business. It has been fun and I have gotten a lot of good feedback. It occurred to me that it would be a moment of working smarter if I just combined by Clever Container musings into the mix here at KIGCL. What better way to celebrate the change than with a Clever Container Giveaway via Rafflecopter.

Up for grabs is a collection of Clever gear. All items featured in this giveaway can be purchased from Clever Container. The total value of this package is $111.00, and contains a scarf hanger, a Phubby, Car Hooks, Message Center, Couponizer, GripIt On the Go, Iron/Iron Board Hanger and a set of large Shelf Dividers.

This is giveaway is only open to US residents. Clever Container does not currently operate outside the US so it would be soo unfair to get you addicted to Clever Container with no means of getting more. This giveaway will end at 11:59pm on 2/8/2012. The winner will be announced within 48 hours of the contest end.


a Rafflecopter giveaway/


  1. I'd love to try the wire dividers (chrome). Lots of other stuff I'm sure I'd like to try. :-)

  2. Couponizer, Always looking for a way to organize.

  3. I am all over the shelf dividers!!!!!!