If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~Bob Hope

Monday, January 23, 2012

A question of semantics...

...I think. Once upon a time, I thought I might study linguistics. It seemed really cool to me. But I was 15, and I also thought bean burritos and Snapple were healthy eating.

I have been think a lot about words lately. Not just because of my blogging, but in my relationships. Choosing the right words. Being more succinct. Positive versus negative language. Passive versus active voice. Some of it comes from a series of emails that I got about goal planning for 2012 and using affirmations as part of the process.

So, now I know why Janis Joplin never got that Mercedes. She should have said Lord, will you please buy me a Mercedes-Benz. Lord, will you please buy me a color TV. Lord, will you please buy me a night on town. And now that I have alienated the Joplin fans...

It so true you know. The power of positivity and all that jazz. I don't want a Mercedes, I actually want a Lexus CT Hybrid but I don't know that praying for one is necessarily the right course. God isn't going to give me a Lexus. A better prayer would be Lord, will you give me the tools and the guidance to know your will for me and my husband the wisdom to buy me the car that I want.

No, all kidding aside, I do think that there is something to how you think and talk affecting your outcomes. Or in the words of my Jedi friend, Do or do not. There is no try.
Have a great Monday!

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