If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~Bob Hope

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's only Tuesday...really?

When the holiday falls on the weekend it messes up my flow. I don't know why.

Silliest thing Monday, took Jordan, my daughter for an eye exam and she no longer has a medical diagnosis. I almost cried. I know she thought I was being weird. She has had glasses for most her life. They told me her vision would never be very good, that she's never wear contacts (which she has for 2 years.) Today the doctor said she is 20/20 with correction in her right eye...with no turning. It was something that I was told would never happen. Still tho, if you've got a spare prayer keep her eyes in them. Maybe someday when she's a successful (insert yet to be determined career here) she can get Lasik.

It's the little things, eh?

So, you know what I want to do with this site? I want to give away stuff. Ima gonna learn me some Rafflecopter and make me some people happy. I have seen it done for profit but I keep thinking about just my friends that I know that would benefit. Fun trumps profit for me any day...blame my parents. I am thinking weekly, so you start thinking if you have any thing to promote and if you have something something you could entice people with. If you are not familar with Rafflecopter, may I suggest you jump to http://thesteadyhandblog.com/rafflecopter-giveaway-linky/ and start entering. It's fun really.

Anyway, I am thinking it wouldn't be until next month at the earliest that I would start the giveaways. I honestly will probably cover the first couple just because I don't want anyone else to have the disappointment of a bad result. If you are reading this and are interested by all means get in touch with me. Like I said next month at the earliest...

Tuesday...lordy it's only the second...I think it's this sudden cold that has done more to bring me down than anything.

One last thing...I am thinking about taking some classes. Adobe Illustrator for one. Although, I did this in that without reading a damn thing:

My husband has been whining for a logo. He keeps asking my brother, and I think the fact that my brother works an irregular schedule slows down his artistic efforts. IDK, though, if Ryan buys me a pen for my 'puter I have three hours a day to myself that I could figure it out. Then, I guess, I would be left taking HTML and XML classes because that shit is really interesting to me. I know, I am soo weird.

Anyway, here's to Tuesday that feels like Sunday but really it should feel like Monday. Good Grief!!

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