If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~Bob Hope

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Today's episode is brought to you by the letter ARGH!!

This place called work. I need a new one. Desparately need a new one!

These are the people who drive me bonkers.

Not everyone is here, but this is my office, these are my co-workers. In case you need help, I am in jeans and a tiara (which felt surprisingly natural). This, of course, is from Halloween. (Another example of how I am kept informed of things here. First we were, then we weren't, lucky for them I have a lot of things I can improvise with.)

I am not going to ramble on about all that, all of that which vexes and annoys me. I might as well not be here.

It's days like this that really make me which I didn't quit PAG, even though Lynn says it's worse than it was a year ago.

Instead, I want to say a word about Jordan. Or better yet, ask a question.

How did I get so lucky?

She is not without her faults and idiosyncrasies that drive me to drink, but she's really a damn good kid with a big damn heart. She's pretty smart and pretty confident, and I have a hard time some days believing that she came from me. Then she opens her smart-ass mouth and I know she's mine J

I've been thinking about that all day. Thinking about how she wanted to buy me a new cell phone for Christmas, because it is something I really need. (I should get a pic of my current one up here.) Thinking about how, she insisted on going to Lowe's last night to buy her gym teacher a poinsettia and the look on her gym teachers face this morning when Jordan gave it to her. Or all of her comments last night watching Nanny 911. She cracks me up.

It just makes me wish even more that things weren't so sucky.

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  1. yeah i was having of those days too. hang in there, we're almost to the new year. im not sure what that means but hey it sounds cool to say.
    be well and have a nice evening...