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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

la cellule est morte

Or for those of you choosing not to live life as a piece of French New Wave cinema...

The cell is dead.

Not that it should come as any surprise to anyone, but if you want you can let out a "Quelle surprise!" who am I to stop you?

It was only 5 years old. On it's, I dunno, 6th or 7th face. Had no antenna, no send button, it was due.

What really sucks is that I got lazy and all my numbers were stored on there, so later today I am going to send a lovely bulk mailing to those whose numbers I haven't recovered from my memory. Actually, I might just send all so that I can clean out my address book while I am at it. I can get a few because I can look online at my log, but I'd rather bug people. Interestingly enough to are 2 numbers that called me in the past 3 weeks that I do not know who they belong to, no guess at all. I thought about calling them to see who they are, but I'm not that brave. Also, there are a couple from plenty of fish, that I don't want to accidentally talk to at all.

Speaking of plenty of fish, I completely deleted my profile there. Nothing but a hassle really...

So, they (my co-workers) got lunch, didn't ask me, pas c'est de surprise! Again with the chances and the not being asked, ugh!

I will be getting a new phone, maybe today, but probably not until next week.

Nose to grindstone...now...well, sorta J


  1. Hey...
    Sorry about the cell. Five years is a long time. I had AT&T once I liked them, their gone now. My first ever cell phone was a Nokia 9210. I bought it five years ago I guess. My last one was a Nokia 6820. At this time I have no cell phone. Crazy huh?

    Vous semblez gentil dans l'image.

  2. Not entirely, since I wrote that I have been thinking about whether or not I really need it. Sure, it's nice to talk to be from the bathroom at bars or to text the most off the wall shit to people who appreciate it least, but in the grand scheme of things I don't really think I need it.

    As for the last comment thanks, off hand I don't know how to say I have my days en francais...