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Monday, December 19, 2005

Skating away...skating away...

The subject has nothing to do with the snow or the ice or the cold, it just happens that I have the Jethro Tull song stuck in my head, and I have for about three days now. I tend to think that there is a reason that happens. A reason other than being plum crazy!  I could understand if it was like say a Fall Out Boy song because in the short time I have owned that CD I have played it to point of physical wear or any of the other things that I have played ad nasueam. I haven't actually heard that song in awhile, because I haven't really been listening to the radio or hanging out with my dad. So, I guess later I look up the lyrics and what gives.


I had thought of continuing the dream thing, but last nights dream was so disjointed. It does not help that I didn't sleep very well.  Congested kid sleeping with me. I put the dog in the kennel (which is in my room) so that she wouldn't destroy the food presents that are wrapped and under the tree. The cat decided that he wanted to dance in his cat box (in my bathroom), cough up hairballs, and whine about not being able to go out. It's a wonder I even made it into dream state.


There is no real news to report. Busy getting the last bits of Christmas together, and hoping that everything is going to work out. It's looking like I may not go to Elbo's like I planned because Jordan would like to go see the lights in Washington Township, and she informed me last night that The Ringer (starring Johnny Knoxville) comes out Friday. I'm not a huge fan of any of this work, but within nanoseconds of the preview I knew that it could be the kind of wrong that I appreciate.


I think if I could figure out how to make these next 5 hours less boring then I'd be in good shape.









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