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Sunday, December 18, 2005

And the winner is...

....RebelSaid for having the first official comment to my blog. I don't really have a reward, but you know you it should feel good to be first at something. I encourage everyone (or anyone) who happens to read this page to hop over to RebelSaid's page. I read a bit of his blog, and ya know people need to take notice of this
"One Laptop for Every Child" thing, because this will change life as we know it. I was reading about this before I got his comment, and it's pretty cool and it's gonna run on Linux. And if it really and truly materializes, then Windows would pretty much be shut. But what do I know, I am just the biller :)
Busy couple of days, so I have been remiss in writing. So much to talk about, though.
Friday night I dreamt that I was arrested. I had gone on my bank run at work and was detained and subsequently arrested. What made it worse is that no one at my corporate office would answer my calls, and what I was being arrested for I had no control over. I couldn't have ever rectified the situation in real life. The teller kept saying in my dream that they had sent several notices, well, in my dream as in real life all of the notices go to the corporate office. There wasn't any resolution in that dream.
Yesterday was a busy day. Went sledding in the morning. Then hung out at my parent's for a little bit before our show. (I have tickets to the Young at Heart series, and yesterday was Famous People Player's Blacklight Winter Wonderland. ) Got our seat changed because the people behind us have all the maturity of three year olds. Honest to god, if you have no control over your ability to constantly comment on the action, for christsake go to Blockbuster and rent a freakin' movie!! Then my parent's took Jo Christmas shopping for me, and I did a ton o' Christmas shopping. I'm usually a gradual shopper but this year I have had to wait until my paycheck before xmas to do anything.
Last night, I dreamt of A1 and his band and me going to see him. They were playing in Austin (Texas) I can't remember the name of the place but I went there when I visited my friend Rob several years ago. Somehow in this dream, I fell asleep at the table and woke up in an empty bar. Of course, when I woke up (in the dream) I was freaked because I was alone in this empty bar. I went to the john, and got startled by A1 who was walking out. We end up leaving together, but not before I have to beat the hell out of some guy who is trying to break into this place while we are locking up. I think I'd be afraid to know what half my dreams "mean".
Although, I can say that part of this is merely my brain scrambling truth and fiction. See, the week I met Adam, there are two distinct dynamics. The night I met him was the first night that I had been to the Trolley Stop that week. That was an excellent night. However, two nights later not so excellent, as I went there under duress, and my friend and I thwarted an attempted carjacking (our own). I haven't been the same since that night. So, like I said I don't want to know what any of it means.
Today was a good day. Ended up at Frisch's by the mall for breakfast, then Jordan and I did shopping and other Christmas stuff. Came home and wrapped and just kinda chilled. It was nice though, so nice.
I still really want to go to Elbo's on Friday, but now I am not so sure I am going to be able to swing it. (Especially if I have to go downtown alone which is something I can not do anymore.)
These past two days have actually had something I haven't felt in a long while.... hope. Or at least, an ability to slough off all the suckage that has come to plague me. I dunno... but then when do I ever?

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  1. Thank you so much for you kind words miss Jenny. I just happen to be checking your page for new post and I shock to find I have won a “prize”. And yes I do finely feel good to be the first at something positive.
    I have crazy dreams my self. I can tell you for a long time man has used spoken or written word to articulate the gist of what he wanted to express. His language is filled with symbols that could imply something more than the obvious. It could be an unconscious aspect that was never precisely defined or fully explained. Nor could individuals hope to interpret or explain it.
    That was true for dreams as well. Like every one else, my mind and spirit, while at rest reviews and analyzes it's own long term, short term and spirit memory. Our minds kick around emotions, thoughts, ideas, actions and interactions of the short-term memory. So in other words just because you dream about sex with some one does not mean you want to have sex with them in real life. The unconscious has in its background the trends of ones life and philosophy to influence it. Dreams are a communication of body, mind and spirit in a symbolic communicative environmental state of being.
    And once again thank you for your kind words I will be tuning in on a regular bases.