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Thursday, August 11, 2011

War is Hell...and so it job hunting!

I had an interview the other day. Retail. Big group sort of thing. I had an interview this morning. Retail. Just me and two different people. Both of them with a you'll hear from us next week.

The group interview was some what annoying. The questions were easy-peasy customer service type things. Everyone answered the same question, and very often the same. I don't think that I made it through. Not being negative, being observant. After I signed in, I took a seat and watched. It's what I do. I noticed that people from previous interview times were being herded back in a given packet to fill out that requested references and consented to background and drug tests. I got a thanks for coming you will hear from us by next Friday.

This morning, I realized that I am being asked the same types of questions for entry-level retail jobs as I have been asked for experienced, technical jobs or for first tier management-type jobs. I don't think that I ever realized that someone working the floor of a department store had so much pressure and had to be so goal-focused and outcome-oriented. (Tongue firmly in cheek there folks...) Tell me about a time when you worked on a team to accomplish a goal and what was the outcome? Tell me about a time when you were presented with a challenge (which is really nothing more than a goal you didn't think to set) and how did you approach this challenge and what was the outcome? Tell me about a time when you had 30 seconds to disarm a bomb and the only available tools were a paper clip, a stick JuicyFruit and a BeeGees CD, what did you do, what was the outcome?


Times like these only serve to amplify to me how sorely I stick out in the world. Nothing is rocket science or brain surgery, except rocket science and brain surgery. I have bizarre Rainman abilities that never can quite sell. Always seems like in so far as the medical billing stuff goes, very few people are willing to believe or appreciate that I can work that magic that I can. I ♥ information. Or is it the learning? I'm not sure but I am sure that I have been exposed to and retained a lot of information. Train me how to do, and all be damned if I don't do it. Keep me busy, keep me moving, let me flippin' work!

Who cares that I have a degree in business! Who cares that I have x number of years of experience! If I have applied for your stupid job then I have done the research and deemed that not only do I feel that I would be an asset to your team BUT also that it wouldn't be such a horrible gig that I would be miserable. I have an idea! Let me worry about what's good for me! 'Cause you know what I may seem overqualified for your job but your job is the best fit and the best pay and the job the most enables me to be able to fully perform at my most important job...MOM!

It's where I am at this noontime hour. Full of Timbits and angst. It's a bit like being a teenager, except without the added bonus of not having to worry about the bills.

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