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Monday, August 1, 2011

Five O'Clock bedtime...

Written 4/27/11...not sure why I have so many unposted drafts!!

So, yeah, I just put my boy to bed at five in the afternoon, and I am ready to head that way myself.

Remember what I said about being discontent last night? Well, this is one of those moments. One of those days really where I was tricked earlier into thinking that everything would be okay. We went to the Boonshoft and hung out for a little bit with minimal incident. Stopped off at the store on the way home, no problems. Came home threw together a batch of baked shells while he ate a snack and watch his show.

There we were hanging out in our living room, and then suddenly diapers were flying everywhere and a timeout was issued. From there wow, totally downhill...if he wasn't throwing something, he was dragging appliances (namely the ice cream maker) out of the pantry or rummaging through the fridge. I tried to engage in him something...anything but he just wouldn't go for any of it. Very frustrating...and the final straw his pummeling windmill action. I scooped him up and put him in his bed.

Most of days are some variation of this. It's mentally and emotionally exhausting. I really would probably fall asleep if I put on my pjs and curled up in my bed. Sad. Very Sad. But also probably a good idea because if he stays asleep, he will probably be up about 5am and since I am the only one here, I'd be the one getting up.

I really feel like I am not doing something right here. The teenager never talks to me. I was hoping that baked pasta would lure her down here. It did long enough for her to serve herself and go back to her room. The toddler is just exhausting. His hearing is extremely selective. My kids live under the same roof and rarely interact with each other. From the way she acts, I am fairly certain that my daughter is just biding her time until she can leave.

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