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Sunday, January 22, 2006

A weekend in strange places...

You've not had fun until you've spent a Friday night at Miami Valley Hospital Shaw Trauma Center. You know 'cause they don't call them emergency rooms anymore. They ought to call them frustration factories.
Ended up down there about 6:30ish because well, numbness and tingling in the face and left extremeties and an inability to see clearly kind of freak a girl out. One CAT scan, three hours and very little information later, I got put into observation status on the Neurology Floor.
Sarah was with me, but she left about 10:30 or so.
A little after midnight the lab came in with orders to completely drain me. Seriously, they took like 10 vials! Thankfully the phlebot was nice and didn't butcher my vein. I hate that when you get a draw and end up partially crippled for the next week or two.
Couldn't sleep. Couldn't walk around. Didn't want to be there. Didn't have anymore symptoms. Had a clearly ill person in the bed next to me. Bored. Scared. Frustrated.
For a while I entertained myself by watching my monitor, and subesquently seeing how it changed if say I held my my breath or breathed super deep.
I ended up getting 2 good hours of sleep.
At eight am, I got whisked off for a carotid ultrasound and an MRI (with contrast) and by noon, I still didn't know much of anything except that now I have a neurologist on my payroll.
Frustrated. Frustrated. Frustrated.
Finally, I got discharged home at about 3:30. The ultrasound and the MRI were negative. The blood work wasn't back yet, but since I hadn't had any more symptoms or new symptoms there was no reason to keep me. (The job of the ER is just to stablize the patient until they can see their personal physician or admit the patient if the symptoms warrant. I've had to explain that enough to not get crazy mad that I still didn't know much.)
So, I get to go see my family doc and this neurologist this week or next. Whoohoo...
I think this is going to put a big financial crimp into the vacation plans.
I feel like crap today.
I don't like it one bit.

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