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Sunday, January 8, 2006

Here's to another weekend...

So here we are Sunday night, and my weekend sucked.
A job that should have only taken a few hours ate up the entire weekend. At one point, I very nearly just chucked the toilet out the window. It's done now. Hopefully, there are no more leaks. Hopefully, it'll be a good little toiley.
I had a list. Most of that list didn't get done. Somedays all you can do is growl and grit your teeth.
I had meant to write yesterday. I had want to talk about my weird ass dream. It was one of those dreams where you wake up and feel dazed all day, desparately trying to remember all the details because surely a dream like that means something. It has to mean something to be at someone else's huge ass wedding sharing a pew with Keith Richards. (Mick was there too, but he was a row ahead of us sitting next to Carson Daly of all people!?) I think what bothers me the most is that I have dreamt of that church, that place before. A whole bunch of familar places that I have never been. It was nice to sleep that hard though. Friday night and Saturday night both seemed to be some hard sleeping times.
I realize that I never even attempted to make any sort of resolution's for the year. I'm not sure it's worth it. The last couple months I have sort of been making a rough list of things I want to get done, but most of that's been crossed off. I had been planning to go back to school this year. There a quite a few programs available these days that would make it easy for me to still work and get my master's. More school guarentees nothing but more student loan debt, and stress and the more I thought about it, less me time. So when I say I can't afford it, I don't just mean financially.
I also had planned on laying down the groundwork for starting my own business. That also for the most part is in the shitter. I have to get my house straightened up in order to clear a spot to work. I have been trying since October to get everything set up and to date the computer is still sitting on the floor in my bedroom waiting patiently to be cleaned and reformatted.
In other news, I noticed that tonic water has quinine. Having forgotten what the quinine was, I looked it up. In light of those findings, I can now justify vodka tonics as preventative medicine. I mean you never know when a malaria epidemic is going to hit Ohio!
I feel boring tonight, so I'll let you all get back to something interesting.

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