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Monday, January 2, 2006

You wouldn't believe me if I told you...

Happy New Year to all!
I really hope that these first two days are not going to be indicative of the kind of year that I am going to have 'cuz uh, yeah, I dunno. It wouldn't necessarily be bad, but I don't know it wouldn't be good either.
I had the opportunity to spend my New Year's at the Trolley. Alone-ish. I mean, it's not the kind of place where you are ever alone. People talk to you etc, etc. I actually now know the names of people that I see down there all time. It was a good time. I ended up meeting some people who invited me to hang with them, could have been cool but it ended up being most egregiously uncool.
That's where the you wouldn't believe me if I told you comes in. These folks all work for a local TV station, and really the one ought to better manage his company before it ruins his career. I don't care what sort of things people do in their free time, none of that's the issue. Well, not entirely. What if I wasn't the essence of coolness that I am? What if I was a different sort of person who found that the further from the "norm" a lifestyle is the more offensive it is?
No offense to the guy I am talking about but that is a much sadder loneliness than anything I'll ever know. Just an observation really, just seems like his two friend's weren't good friends. Didn't have his best interest at heart, especially you know bringing a bunch of people to his place.
Doesn't matter, I'll never see them socially. Things got ugly, not violent or a situation I couldn't handle but enough to know that there were some pretty malevolent souls in that group. It's kind of a shame, but what can you do? Besides I met a whole lot of beautiful souls that night too, and I will see them again so it all works out.
I'm frustrated today because all I wanted to do is get the house cleaned and back in working order. It's not working out that way. My help is no help at all. As a matter of fact, she has taken to playing with the collection of Furbies that Christmas brought her.
I'm frustrated because at some point in putting away the Christmas decorations,  the box fell and a whole lot of ornaments broke. Of course, it wasn't the crappy ones. Most of them were the one's that Jordan and I made when she was 2, sigh.
I'm frustrated because my dad said he'd come over today so we could get the garbage disposal in but he hasn't.
I'm frustrated because I need help and it doesn't seem to matter who I ask for it from, I don't get it. So somehow I am supposed to be happy in this life where my squalid little apartment makes crack den's look like the Ritz. I really could go on and on, but what's the point no one's listening any better now than they were before.
Earlier I got on to check my mail, and my horoscope email wouldn't work. I always find it funny. I know logically that it just means that someone fucked up the scripts or whatever, but it's more fun to think that no horoscope is some sort of cosmic sign or something. I ended up actually logging onto the site to see my "personalized" horoscope. So, to end today's blog, I will share with you my forecast for today and tomorrow. Apparently, it really is going to be a strange year for me...

Today (01/02/2006)  Next Day

Your involvement in groups and organizations will result in newfound friends or even potential mates. You will have a lot to offer the groups you join, and you can count on getting the support you're looking for, if you use your charm to get your way.   (21%)

You will not get along with family members during this period. You'll be inclined to boss others around and only see your side of any situation. This is not the best time to deal with issues that involve your romantic partner.   (22%)

You will do well at this time if you invest in precious objects that will grow in value. You will have an interest in products or services for the home, and could earn your living by working with such products.   (75%)

Abusive relationships will result if you let someone you care about dominate you at this time.   (21%)

Social activities will be plentiful. You will have a greater concern with children. Expect your creative abilities to surface. You will be in the mood for love and romance. Plan something special for the one you love. This is not the best period to take financial risks.  (50%)

Your involvement with work-related activities will result in financial gains. You will find it easy to reach your deadlines if are willing to work at home. You will be rewarded if you assist someone who can not do things for themself.  (30%)

You will have problems with children during this transit if you have any. Your choices of entertainment will be bizzarre during this period and could lead to dangerous situations.   (20%)

You will be looking for companionship during this period. Organizations will welcome your energetic contributions to their cause.   (70%)

You will be inclined to want to jump from one position or profession to another during this period. You will learn quickly, and you can make some positive moves.   (21%)

You will get along well with authorities during this period. Your ability to take a position of leadership will also put you in a good position when dealing with others. You will do well in your personal investments.  (21%)

Tomorrow (01/03/2006) Previous Day

You aren't likely to keep the promises you make at this time, and this will cause problems with family members. You will not have a clear view of yourself or of your life.   (79%)

You will experience relatively good health throughout this period. You'll put a lot of energy into your work and your future. Keep a good cheery bedside manner when taking care of others.   (76%)

You will be preoccupied and concerned with health, diet, work and your own well-being. If you allow things to get to you, you will experience stress, resulting in nervous tension. Don't let colleagues take advantage of you.  (50%)

You'll have trouble getting along with partners at this time. Anger will only make matters worse. Discretion must be used when getting into relationships.   (31%)

This transit will enhance your intuition, allowing you to tune in to the thoughts of those you love. You will meet lovers and partners in strange places or under unusual circumstances.   (79%)

Deal with the important partners in your life. This is a great time to deal with emotional issues that have been concerning you.   (80%)

This transit will enable you to earn your living in an unusual manner.You will have unique connections to those you work with.   (82%)

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