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Friday, January 13, 2006

No triskadeskaphobia here...

So here we are Friday the 13th.

The big day for going out to see some bands at Canal Street.

Flyaway Minion and Murder Your Darlings

Who's going?

Funny you should ask! Moi and Lynnie Mae and Rita and me Mama. This should be interesting.

I'm kind of torn on what to wear. Too cold for skirts and dresses and really Canal Street has never struck me as place to dress girly, even though I always hold it with the reverence of going to church. I don't want to just go as I am, I just don't know how much attention I want to attract tonight. I think I am just going to change my shirt from this okay green shirt to a much better pink velour number 'cuz it matches my gymmers and it's supposed to get colder and I don't feel like putting on different shoes.

I just hope everyone has a good time, and that the snow waits 'till after we're home.

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