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Friday, April 6, 2012

So, I never thought I'd have to warn ya not to Google April flowers

Seriously, I was looking for some graphics I could use on today's post. Wish I would have known that April Flowers is a porn star before I searched it. Even with safe search on, the first hit is her wikipedia page with two other sites making on the first page of search results. Smh, and don't even get me started on the images page.

The upnote is I learned a piece of history in that April Flowers was also the name of a exotic dancer from the 60s who had some mob ties and did a frame up on a sheriff candidate in Cincy/NKY. (Abridged history by Jenny, so please no trying to correct me by adding details.)

I hate to even imagine what searching "april showers bring may flowers" might turn up. Shrug, I guess that's what happens in a world where so many people ascribe to be rock stars and ballers. I am just in a bad mood today I guess, and witnessing the further decline of civilization isn't helping. I just wanted to look at pretty flower spreads...and I guess in away I did minus the pretty.

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