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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The wisdom of the 40 month old

When I got up this morning, I sort of thought that it was going to be a no post day. I hadn't really gotten together any subjects or anything for the week, and nothing was really "calling" to be written about.

Then, we went to story time at the library. In light of losing preschool, we back on the library/rec center/metropark/momtopia rotation. The library being the easiest of all of those because we can walk over in less than ten minutes.

We usually cut through the high school fields rather than walk all the way up to the road, and today was no exception. Today though, they were grading the softball field and it was quite windy so there was a veritable dust storm in our path. So, instead of cutting between the baseball and softball field we cut between the softball and discus fields. Ever try to explain discus to a three year old? Not easy, and I used to throw!

We get up to the parking lot of the old surgical center and I realize that we should have taken a turn to the other parking lot. No biggie, and I said something to that effect out loud and said something about having to take a detour...but I don't remember my exact quote. This lead to having to explain detour to the boy.

So, we did story time and its craft and headed home. Walking back through the field, he brought up detour again. A detour isn't wrong, it's just not the way you want to go, he said out of the blue.  Wow! You know I've never really thought about that but it is true. We're always so often put out by detours, especially when driving, but they always still get you where you needed to go. I think the same could be said about detours in life, if you are willing to accept that you always move forward and you always get just what you need.

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