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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not so wordless Wednesday...playing catch up.

This new schedule is certainly going to take some adjustment. Sigh. I feel quite out of sorts but this too will pass. Today starts a bit of "free" time during the morning three mornings a week. Honestly, I am sitting here listening to Enpde, writing you because frankly I'd rather not look at my house and the aftermath of my first two weeks working.

Plus, I am kinda heavy this morning with things on my mind. Someone please tell me what you are supposed to do when you do your part and give the rest up to God...only to have God fling it back at you. For my atheist friends, please read the above sentence as what do you do when all logic, planning, and debate fail.  Or something like that. I guess it's not a huge deal, I only woke up way to early with tension and pain. Lovely. Yeesh. I don't know. It has to change but I am afraid of the change going a wrong way. I know I am not the puppetmaster but I would like to keep the people involved in my life...I just want their drama to go away. They need some peace. I don't know my part in it. I must have a part because I am sitting here with it on my mind.

I do like the certain dropped out of society feel my new schedule has. I'm not kidding. If I didn't have other responsibilities I would not have to be up 4 or so hours before my scheduled start. It's been playing a bit like a leisurely morning. I am about 3 hours off the 9 to 5ers, so there is no traffic. No lines at fast food. In and out for coffee. I think this is what the apocalypse will feel like.

On the other hand, I wonder if I will ever have a social life. I suppose work peeps, but a little guarded about work relationships. Especially right now, since I am only a temp, it's kind of like being in a shark tank. Who knows what the next few weeks and hopefully months will bring?!

Well, thank you for wasting ten minutes of your precious time with me! I do appreciate it.  It was really nice to log on here after a bit of an absence and see that I hadn't flat lined. So what do you think? What do you do with something that never seems to go away despite your efforts to put it to rest?

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