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Friday, September 28, 2012

SK8 of the Art: The Dayton SK8 Park Project

Work in Progress by Daniel M. Reibert.
Available through the SK8 of the Art raffle
Once upon a time, there was a group by the name of SK8 D8N. They secured a location and set to working on their dream. Unfortunately, outside of the dream world other people can really muck up a dream. Despite hardwork and heart, Shampoo went out out of existence.

Luckily, that dream did not die. Luckily, the people involved believe in the project enough to keep on keeping on. Eventually, the Dayton Skatepark Project came into play. This project seeks to renovate dead public space into something useful..something used and valued in the community.

Soo...this is the part where I will seem to regress 20 years. Skateboarding is not a crime. I don't really understand where the criminalization of skateboarders came into play. It's a bunch of dudes and chicks using a board strapped to some wheels to have a good time and pull some tricks. There is skill involved. There is dedication. There is devotion. There are still way to few places where folks can legally hone their craft.

It is a craft. A skill. An art. Not everyone can get out there and shred. I personally have no skill at it, but I do admire those who can. I think too often people use there misunderstandings of the culture to down play the sport and the value of the sport. The aim of the Dayton Skatepark Project is to utilize spaces that have gone---well, let's be honest ABANDONED!! The aim of the Dayton Skatepark Project is to breathe new life into underutilized, unloved, abandoned place. The project on some level has the approval but lacks the funds.

The SK8 of the ART show is a fundraiser for the Dayton Skatepark Project. It will showcase one of a kind designs from local artist as part of the raffle. In addition, there are a few local businesses that are supporting the raffle with donations. The Opening Show September 29 w/ The Dirty Socialites @ 9:3o. The show is being held at
Decoy - art boutique - studio, 1277 N Fairfield Rd., Beavercreek, Ohio, 45432

The closing show will be October 13 and feature Paige Beller.

If you are in the area, please take time to support them not only on Facebook but also at the show and by buying a raffle ticket or five. If you are out of the area, please like them and contact them to see what you can do and how you could replicate their efforts in your own community!

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