If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~Bob Hope

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Buried in life update...

As I write this I am sitting listening to my husband work on some music. It's pretty awesome that someone can take some hilariously obscene wrong number voice mails and turn it in to something positive. When he gets it done I'll post it.

I have been meaning to post a little giveaway to bridge to a big giveaway, and oh by the way friends, I am about to make that dream of steadily offering giveaways a reality. If I get a chance tonight, I will definitely post it. It isn't much but it's nothing to scoff at either. I just don't know if I will get the chance. Or have the gumption.

Boogie had his first little league game last night and he was the lead off hitter. My husband shared with me early how proud he was when our little man nailed a good solid hit, and to be honest I was right there with him. It's exciting to see my kids progress through life. Another game Saturday, and pictures too. Busy. Busy.

There's been a whole mess of stuff to deal with lately and it has taken me away from writing among other things. It's not really even a lack of time, but a lack of motivation and energy. Face it, when dealing with some people it takes every ounce of energy to hold on to your spirit and your soul. I do have to admit though when I was at our rental tonight, I felt like very warm and fuzzy when I walked into bedroom. We gave them permission to paint, and aside from loving what they picked for the living room, I was moved by something in the bedroom. It was just a little love token, a little initial in heart action but it was so darned sweet.

I don't entirely hate all this chaos, it all seems like forward motion. I just some times wish there was less of a need for sleep.

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