If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~Bob Hope

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Benevolent chaos

I hadn't thought about in a long time but my uncle once described me as "benevolent chaos" and I think I hadn't thought about in a long time because felt like that in a while. I find myself orchestrating it in my head right now. Some one has asked me if I had heard about something tonight. I hadn't and she mentioned that she thought it was just rumor anyway. I can't find anything to support it in the slightest, but I am finding it hard to resist the urge to package it and post it to my Facebook and Twitter. It's already out there. It's already spreading. I just kinda want to throw my own handful of kindling on and fan the flames for my own personal amusement. It's not anything hurtful to anyone, it isn't religious or politically based, it's just one of those things that affronts certain people's sensabilities a certain way and causes them to cry for boycotts and other crazy actions against the system...using the system.

Using Facebook to call your friends to boycott Facebook is a bit like calling for a boycott of the post office via postcards. May I should get together a postcard campaign to boycott Facebook for being Facebook. Wait, though, have to figure out away around the illegality of chain mail to do that though. If everybody sent everyone on their friend's list a postcard, not even as rebelrousing call to do something, just a "Hey what's up, how you been? Saw this card, thought you would like it. Love, User#8675309" might inject a little life in the postal service for awhile.

Heck, as you are walking out to put your cards in the mail, you might even notice that it's a nice day and decide to take a walk. There are so many possibilities.

I would totally do it you know. Send everyone an actual piece of mail, but sadly I don't even think I have physical addresses for 10% of the people on my list.

Anyway, it's kinda nice to have this vein of energy back that always has a silly end. I have so missed being silly.

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