If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~Bob Hope

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I met the devil and I stared her in the eyes Her hair had scales like silver serpents I a statue, stood there mesmerized

Long title. Sorry. I woke up this way. With this particular song swirling about me gulliver.

I met the devil. It was October of 2014. I set foot into my house after a grueling emergency trip to Charlotte. That moment is burned into my memory so deep that it truly haunts me. It's the reason that blonde woman of a certain unfortunate build and facial structure trigger anxiety in me. It's why I question her intelligence and the state of her soul. May God have mercy on it indeed.

I have learned some things in the past 24 hours that have me boldly praying for the truth in both lowercase and uppercase form to be brought to light. Everything from all sides of the street. I am not scared or worried about it because I have nothing to hide. It's about time that we all got set free. Not just free, but free indeed!

I've been convincing myself that I'm worthwhile Cause I'm worth what I'll convince myself to be
I have spent too long accepting less than as a state of being. I have spent too long dwelling in the desert of this desertion. Broken people do shitty things. I get that. But I was thoroughly unprepared for the bending and breaking and relentless bullshit that I have endured over the course of the last three years. I am sick of unscrupulous people. I am sick of bad theology. I am sick of people twisting Truth into fiction so that they can justify their off base, off course actions.

But I am glad for stalkers...God would never send you a married man, honey. And he certainly isn't going to bless that union in any way, shape or form because God can not bless sin. I hope you both take your restraining orders off of Jesus.

As for me, I am dusting my feet off of the both of you. You are God's children, he can deal with you. I worth much more than the both of you threw me under the bus for and I do forgive you both. Now if you will excuse me I need to go jam out to Relient K and get on with my life.

But one last thing before I go, the relentless pursuit of your own freewill isn't freedom at all and one day I hope that everyone truly learns that lesson.

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