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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wasting Time: The Story of My Life

So, I have just wasted a large amount of time arranging a photo book because I had an email for a free one. I failed to notice that the email was lacking a code and the date was kinda jinkie. Plus, we are about an hour over the deadline because quite honestly the My Publisher software really is not so user friendly. Seriously, would get to points and wonder where certain pics had gone only to have to relocate them on the hard drive.

It's not like it was a Christmas gift. The bad news is that I have been pouring myself into for the last several hours because it was going to be a gift for my husband on the occasion of our fifth wedding anniversary. No wait, the bad news is that because of who I am, I now feel compelled to create this little book myself in a much more fantabulous and albeit probably more expensive manner.

I probably won't though. How could I manage to create it and keep it secret all at the same time? We do live together after all.


It is a little upsetting. I could have been sleeping. Heck, I still need a shower.

I sometimes feel like this is the story of my life. I put a lot of work and heart into something only to have the whole thing blown by some strange circumstance. I'd really kind of like to think that I am exaggerating a little bit. But then I'd also like to think that it is my couch that is uncomfortable and not the fact that I have been sitting here working on a failed project for two hours.

I can't in good faith pay for it, because given the trouble I've had to this point I don't trust that it would come out as designed. It's not entirely wasted time either I suppose. I've just looked at six years worth of pictures. Well, what I could find. 2009 seems to be missing but then that was the year of never-ending sorrow (or something like that). I couldn't even find Christmas pictures. It would have been our last Christmas at the little house. Things were some what less harrowing by Christmas, surely they are around here somewhere.

Maybe someday all this mud will dry out and my wheels can actually get some traction.

G'night friends, I am going to hit the showers and contemplate why bad websites happen to good people.

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